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GATES T186 Specifications
Belt MaterialHSN
Cog Quantity70
Cord MaterialFiberglass
Pitch Length (IN)26.25
Pitch Length (MM)667
Profile TypeModified Curvilinear (III)
Timing MarksNo
Top Width.63"
TypeAutomotive Timing Belt
PowerGrip® Timing Belts have a trapezoidal tooth profile, making this belt well suited for use in positioning applications, such as office machines, machine tools, postage equipment, sewing machines, vending machines, agriculture, outdoor power equipment, food processing, HVAC, oil fields, wood, paper, sand and gravel applications. Features/Advantages Include:
  • Fiberglass tensile cord provides high strength, excellent flex life, and high resistance to elongation.
  • Neoprene body provides protection against grime, grease, oil, and moisture.
  • Nylon tooth facing provides a durable wear surface for long service life.
  • Eliminates lubrication and re-tensioning to reduce maintenance and labor required on drives.
Is your engine free-running or interference?

Automobile engines can be classified as either Free-Running or Interference, depending on what occurs if piston/valve synchronization is lost. Interference engines usually sustain damage if synchronization is lost. Damage can occur to valves, pistons, or heads, and in some cases, completely ruin the engine. Most import (with higher compression engines) and most car and light truck diesel engines are interference. To avoid costly engine repairs on interference engines, follow the auto manufacturers' mileage replacement recommendations. At the very least, Gates recommends timing belt replacement at around 60,000 miles.

Why You Should Never Put Off Timing Belt Replacement:

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Gates Timing Belts and Kits
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 13405PAAA01, 13405PAAA02, 13405PAAA03, 13405PT0004, 2590186, 4250186, 5862021480, 5862059260

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Limited Lifetime
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