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Economy; Thermostat - 195 Degrees Reverse Poppet (2-1/8" x 7/8" x 25/32")
The heart of the Stant brand thermostat is the ELAC® heat motor. The unique properties of the heat motor result in a consistent and precise response to the cooling system's needs. This is achieved through the use of a precisely formulated, thermally expansive wax fill that is calibrated to operate within OEM requirements.

The Stant heat motor is powered by a precisely formulated thermal responsive wax pellet in a heat conducting copper cup equipped with a stainless steel piston inside an elastomeric boot. The exact length of the stainless steel piston assures the prompt and precise operation of the thermostat valve.

Each manufacturing process is rigidly controlled with world-class quality controls. Then a 100% calibration is conducted for each heat motor to guarantee quality and performance.

Finally, the heat motor is placed in a stainless steel assembly consisting of a valve, flange, bridge and spring. The completed assembly provides a securely sealed, heat responsive valve that keeps engine temperatures within original equipment specifications.

Thermostat Installation Tips
Depth from Flange (in)0.78
DesignReverse Poppet
Flange Diameter (in)2.125
Height from Flange (in)0.88
Jiggle PinNo
Number of Check ValvesNone
Number of SealsNone
Temperature (F)195
TypeEconomy Thermostat
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 12323753, 12514334, 3224216, 36309, 4494469, 52028185, 52028185AB, 52028446, 83504856, D4PZ8575A, D9TZ8575AA, E0TE8575EA, E1BZ8575A, E5TZ8575C, E6AZ8575A, E6AZ8575B, E6DZ8575B, E6SZ8575A, E7ZE8575AA, E8TZ8575A, E8TZ8575B, F2SZ8575A, F2TZ8575A, F3TZ8575A, F4PZ8575AA, F4TZ8575B, F58Z8575A, F5DZ8575A, F6CZ8575A, F6DZ8575AA, F6TZ8575HA, F6ZZ8575A, F8DZ8575AA, J8127383, XL2Z8575AB, XR3Z8575BA, YF1Z8575BA, ZZM415171, ZZM715171, ZZP115171, ZZS115171

STANT Warranty Information:
Super Stats: Limited lifetime, other products: 90 days
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