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Why Choose Nissens?
  • Excellent quality designed and manufactured to match the OE standards 100%
  • Perfect finish of all components snap rings, bearings, pistons, scrolls, valves/shaft, swash plate/clutch
  • Unique reliability thorough durability and performance tests: real life test and sterile test series
  • Minimized noise and vibration level
  • Perfect fit and easy installation (User-friendly installation guide included in the product warranty brochure)
  • Well-packed products ensuring protection from transport damage
Nissens Compressors Include :
  • The right type of PAG lubricant prefilled to offer the right viscosity and amount
  • O-rings
  • Electrical adapters (Multi Fit applications)

More Information About Nissens Compressor Testing

Visual Guide to Compressor Failure

Should I also replace my condenser?
Vehicle manufacturers recommend that the condenser be replaced whenever the compressor is replaced. While older Tube & Fin style condensers can technically be flushed, metal shards from a failed compressor can get lodged in the cylindrical tubes and restrict refrigerant flow, diminishing the heat transfer capabilities of the condenser and A/C system. Newer style, mini-tube condensers cannot be flushed and should always be replaced along with the compressor.

Capacity Compressor [cc]180
Inlet [mm]19
Outlet [mm]13
Oil Fill Quantity [ml]150
Operating Voltage12
StandardPrefilled PAG-OIL
StandardO-rings included
Belt Pulley [mm]125
Number of Grooves6
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 977012B200, 977012B201

NISSENS Warranty Information:
12 months IMPORTANT A/C COMPRESSOR WARRANTY NOTE: In order to ensure that proper warranty credit is issued if needed, the compressor installation instructions must be adhered to. All compressors returned for defect must show proof of purchase of an A/C Orifice Tube (or A/C Expansion Valve), A/C Receiver Drier/Accumulator, and A/C System Flush or a Work Order showing the purchase of these items and that the system was flushed.