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Piranha ® LED; 7-diodes, 4" round LED light functions as stop, turn, and tail light. 9-16 volt operating range; Red w/Flange & Hard-Shell Connector

Peterson's Piranha brand LEDs are unsurpassed for cutting-edge design, quality, and optical brilliance. Their instant response, proven reliability, and long life far outshine bulb-type lights. And that makes them a whole lot safer on the road. What's more, Piranhas come in the widest range of profiles on the market.

Other Features & Benefits:

  • Piranha® LEDs light up faster than conventional bulbs
  • Provide six times the life expectancy of conventional lights
  • Solid state - no filament to break
  • Sonic welded for an absolute seal
  • Maintenance free
  • Use 1/10th of the electrical current needed to operate standard bulbs
Additional Resources

Federal Lighting Regulations for Trucks, Buses, MPVs and Trailers
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): M418R3AMP

Warranty Information:
10 Year Limited Corrosion Warranty
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