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WALKER PRODUCTS 25024059 Specifications
Connector GenderMale
Connector ShapeRadiused Polygon
Mounting TypeFlange Mount
Overall Length10.94 IN
Sensor TypeHeated
Thread Diameter18.0 mm
Wire Gauge Measurement20
Wire Harness Length7.4 IN
Wire Quantity4
OEM Based Sensor

Walker Products oxygen sensors use an OE base, made at the OEM factories, on the OE production lines for precise fit, form, and function. Walker Products sensors are engineered, assembled, and 100% performance tested in the USA.

  1. PTFE Filter The filter repels water droplets while allowing air to pass. The filter ensures clean, neutral air in the air reference.
  2. Crimped Weather Seal The crimp helps maintain seal integrity despite the expansion of the metal shell caused by multiple wide temperature excursions, from freezing cold to glowing hot.
  3. Ceramic Element The ceramic element is modified zirconium oxide, which transfers oxygen ions. This ion transfer is the basis for the operation of the oxygen sensor.
  4. Stainless Steel Hex Nut High temperature stainless steel resists corrosion and leaking.
  5. Rolled Threads Rolled threads do not have the sharp edges and burrs of cut threads. The rolled threads are easy to install and give a more consistent compression of the crush washer.
  6. Stable at 1000 degrees C The high temperature stability ensures long life at elevated exhaust temperatures.
  7. Plasma Sprayed Protective Coating High temperature plasma sprayed ceramic coatings have microscopic pores that protect the electrode and control the diffusion of exhaust gas.
  8. Dual Shield The holes in these high temperature shields are offset to inhibit the access of water droplets to the heated ceramic surfaces, thus protecting the ceramic.
  9. Platinum Electrode Platinum withstands exhaust temperatures and is both catalytic and conductive, to assist in the interchange between oxygen ions and oxygen molecules.
Engine Bank Identification

An OBD Scan Tool will usually identify Oxygen (O2) Sensors by the Bank Number (B1 = Bank 1; B2 = Bank 2) and Sensor Number (S1 = Sensor 1; S2 = Sensor 2, etc.). Bank 1 is not on the same side of the engine for every vehicle.

  • Bank 1 will always contain Cylinder 1. To locate Cylinder 1,
    • Check for cylinder labels on spark plug wires
    • Look for the cylinder that is closest to the front of the engine
    • Refer to your Repair Manual (Found under 'Literature')
  • Bank 2 refers to the bank opposite Bank 1
  • Sensor 1 refers to the sensor before the catalytic converter (Other Terms: Upstream Sensor, Pre-Cat Sensor)
  • Sensor 2+ typically refers to the sensor(s) after the catalytic converter (Other Terms: Downstream Sensor, Post-Cat Sensor)
Engine Bank Identification
Engine Bank Identification
Common O2 Sensor Locations

Vehicle and part manufacturers sometimes use different terms than diagnostic tools to identify sensor positions. Regardless of the vehicle's engine orientation, the right or left bank is determined by viewing the engine from the rear (opposite the drive belts).

Upstream Sensor (Before Converter)
Downstream Sensor (After Converter)
Left or Front Upstream Sensor (Before Converter)
Right or Rear Upstream Sensor (Before Converter)

Common O2 Sensor Contaminants

Oxygen (O2) Sensors commonly fail due to contamination. When checking or replacing an O2 Sensor, visually inspect the sensor body to determine if it has been contaminated by a faulty part or substance upstream, and correct the fault before replacing the sensor.

Common Causes:
  • Cracked or warped cylinder head
  • Leaking cylinder head gasket
  • Leaking intake manifold gasket
Antifreeze Poisoned O2 Sensor
Antifreeze Poisoned O2 Sensor
Common Causes:
  • Use of an improper silicone gasket sealant on the engine

Silicone Poisoned O2 Sensor
Silicone Poisoned O2 Sensor
Common Causes:
  • Clogged air filter
  • Leaking or defective fuel injector

Carbon Buildup O2 Sensor
Carbon Buildup O2 Sensor

Attention California Customers - WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Nickel and Nickel Alloyed Stainless Steel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 250-24059

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