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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: RN9PYP}
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CHAMPION 7415 Specifications
Center Electrode Tip MaterialPlatinum
Electrical Terminal TypeNon-Removable Nut
Gap StyleJ Gap
Ground Electrode Core MaterialPlatinum
Ground Electrode MaterialPlatinum Pad Surface
Ground Electrode Quantity1
Ground Electrode Tip DesignJ Gap
Hex TypeHex
Insulator Projection0.06"
Manufacturer Heat Range9
Measurements - Gap Size (In.)0.032"
Measurements - Gap Size (mm)0.8 mm
Measurements - Hex Size (In.)0.812"
Measurements - Hex Size (mm)20 mm
Measurements - Installed Height (In.)2.24"
Measurements - Insulator Height (In.)0.06"
Measurements - Reach (In.)0.75"
Measurements - Thread Diameter (In.)0.551"
Measurements - Thread Diameter (mm)14 MM
Part DescriptionSpark Plug
Plug TypeRN9PYP
Resistor TypeYes
Seat TypeFlat
Washer IncludedYes
Washer TypeCrush
Double Platinum Power; Pre-Set Gap: 0.032"
Champion Double-Platinum Power spark plugs have platinum on both the center and ground electrodes. The center electrode is platinum fine wire that is riveted onto the nickel alloy center electrode. The ground electrode has a platinum pad welded to its surface.

This plug design is widely used for a distributorless ignition with a Waste Spark design. In this kind of ignition system, one bank of spark plugs fires from the center electrode to the ground and the other bank fires from the ground electrode to the center.

Features & Benefits:
  • More power, quicker acceleration
  • Fine wire center electrode and V-trimmed ground electrode create a sharp spark focus
  • Maintains stable operating temperature under all engine loads
  • Heat-Active™ alloy allows electrodes to reach optimal temperature
  • Platinum conductors on both center and ground electrodes for longer life and minimal wear
This spark plug is pre-gapped, but may require minor adjustments with a Spark Plug Gap Tool / Feeler Gauge to match your engine's specifications. For proper engine performance, gaps should be within ±0.004" of OE-Recommended value.
Which CHAMPION Spark Plug Is Right For You?

Material / Series Lifespan / Durability Performance / Ignitability Efficiency / Fuel Economy
Copper / Nickel Plus
Platinum Power
★★ ★★★★
Double Platinum
Double Platinum
★★★★ ★★★★
★★★ ★★★★★ ★★

CHAMPION Warranty Information:
Iridium plugs 7 years - Double Platinum Power 5 years - Platinum Power 3 years - Copper Plus 2 years