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POWER STOP AR82158XPR Specifications
Bolt Circle Diameter (IN)4.50
Bolt Circle Diameter (MM)115.00
Bolt Hole Quantity5
Discard Thickness (IN)0.83
Discard Thickness (MM)21.00
Height (IN)1.90
Height (MM)48.30
Nominal Thickness (IN)21.00
Nominal Thickness (MM)23.10
Outside Diameter (IN)12.40
Outside Diameter (MM)315.00
Rust Resistant CoatingYes
Solid Or Vented Type RotorVented
Surface TypeDrilled & Slotted
Extreme Performance Drilled and Slotted; Pair
Power Stop's Drilled, Slotted & Zinc Plated Rotors are a popular brake performance upgrade. The rounded slots sweep away gas and debris to provide smooth, safe braking while beveled drill holes keep those brake temperatures down when you need it most. To ensure long lasting performance, silver Zinc Dichromate plating is applied to help protect against rust & corrosion. With a direct OE fit and vane count, upgrading the looks and stopping power of your vehicle has never been easier than this direct bolt-on upgrade.

Features & Benefits:
  • Precision drill holes allow for maximum rotor cooling, keeping your brakes temperatures down during extreme operating conditions
  • Rounded slots help wipe away any gas or debris keeping a clear contact patch on the rotor surface for safe, smooth braking
  • Silver Zinc Dichromate plating is applied to help prevent rust & corrosion and look great behind your wheels
  • Reversed engineered from OEM samples using G3000 grade iron
  • Each rotor is carefully machined and mill-balanced for safe, smooth braking performance

Installation Tips
  • Always replace Brake Pads and inspect Calipers and Brake Hoses when installing new rotors
  • Suspend the caliper from the suspension using a Caliper Hanger to prevent damage to the brake hose
  • After removing the old rotor, clean the hub face with a Wire Brush to remove rust buildup and apply Copper Anti Seize to prevent future buildup. Rust or debris on the hub can cause rotor runout and lead to wheel vibration
  • Apply Brake Lube to caliper pins, clips, the edges of the brake pad mounting tabs, and the back side of the brake pads to ensure noise free braking. DO NOT apply lube to the friction side of the brake pads
  • Use a Caliper Piston Compressor to retract the caliper piston(s) and make room for the new, thicker brake pads
  • Open the master cylinder reservoir during piston compression to prevent pressure buildup. Keep an eye on the Brake Fluid level to ensure it does not overflow
  • After the job is complete, pump the brake pedal several times to push the caliper piston back up against the pads to ensure proper brake function


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Quantity Components that come in this kit
1 Rotor
POWER STOP Extreme Performance Drilled and Slotted; Right Info
1 Rotor
POWER STOP Extreme Performance Drilled and Slotted Rotor; Left Info

Attention California Customers - WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Arsenic, Chromium (Hexavalent compounds), Nickel and Cobalt, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Arsenic and Chromium (Hexavalent compounds) which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Warranty Information:
30 Days / 500 Miles
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