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DAYCO CX68 Specifications
Angle38 degrees
Banded BeltN
Belt ConstructionBottom Cog
Effective Length72.15 in.
Effective Length1832.61 mm
MaterialSynthetic Rubber Compound
Outside Circumference72.15 in.
Outside Circumference1832.61 mm
Top Width.922 in.
Top Width24 mm
Premium Industrial V-Belt; 72.15 in. Length
Designed for applications requiring increased horsepower capacity or higher drive speeds. This Dayco Premium Industrial V-Belt's unique construction combines the superior flexing of precision molded cogs with the tenacious gripping power of raw edge sidewalls to deliver significantly longer belt life without jeopardizing increased horse-power capacity on higher speed industrial type drives.

Features & Benefits:
  • Made with high grade engineered polymer compounding for resistance to oil and heat degradation.
  • The Dayco Premium Industrial V-Belt is more energy-efficient because it is more flexible.
  • This Dayco belt offers the highest horsepower rating for longer service while its raw edge design resists slippage even at low drive tensions.

DAYCO Warranty Information:
12 months/12,000 miles. Timing Belt Component Kits/60,000 miles, or the life of the automotive manufacturer's original recommended replacement interval.