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View; Professional Glass Treatment & Rain Repellent

The TRICO View Patented hydrophobic formula was originally developed for the aviation industry. Now protecting the automotive industry, TRICO View is applied to all exterior surfaces of vehicle glass, leaving the glass surface water resistant.

A University of Michigan study indicates that auto glass treatments can improve a driver's visual acuity by nearly 35%. Additionally, a driver's response time to identify a small target was improved from four seconds to three seconds. At 45 mph, that represents 58 feet!

Features & Benefits

  • Formula applied to any exterior glass surface - not just your windshield
  • Forms a chemical bond with glass unlike other glass-coating products
  • Rain beads up and rolls off glass to repel water and dramatically improve visibility
  • One applicator will treat one windshield (front or rear) or two side windows
  • Provides all season performance by repelling rain, sleet, and snow
  • Makes it easier to remove ice, snow, bugs, and dirt
  • Lasts up to six months (and about six times longer than silicone based glass treatments)
  • Provides clear visibility through rain, day and night

Application Directions

Treated vs Untreated Windshield Glass

TRICO Warranty Information:
12 months/12,000 miles