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BOSCH P3785WS Specifications
Activated Carbon Pre-Filter For Odor RemovalNo
Automotive MaterialFoam
Cabin Filter TypeParticulate
Filter Media MaterialSpunbound Polyester Along With Synthetic Meltblow Fibers
Filter Quantity1
HEPA FilterNo
Height.748031 in.
Recommended Replacement Interval12000 mi
Width8.267717 in.
Bosch Workshop Cabin Air Filters are specifically engineered for the professional installer dedicated to helping customers breathe cleaner air. Bosch Workshop Cabin Filters offer an 80%* efficiency rate at 3 microns or greater in capturing dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants from entering the heating and air vents of a vehicle.

Features & Benefits:
  • Bosch engineered cabin air filters fit a majority of the cars on the road in North America today that come equipped with a cabin filter
  • The best defense against microscopic particulates from entering the vehicle's cabin
Which Cabin Air Filter Is Right For You?

Filter Type Air Flow Filters Dust, Pollen, Soot & Debris
(Dirty / Dusty Areas)
Controls / Reduces Outside Odors
(Polluted, Odorous Areas)
Traps Harmful Gases
(Heavy Traffic Areas)
Prevents Mold & Bacteria Growth
(Hot & Humid Areas)
Particulate ★★★      
Electrostatic Particulate ★★ ★★
Carbon or Charcoal ★★ ★★ ★★  
★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★★


Bosch Cabin Filter Installation

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 8713906030, 871394701083

Warranty Information:
Vehicle Manufacturer's Recommended Service Interval
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