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WAGNER 9011 Specifications
Amperage Rating5.080 amps
Base TypeRight Angle Plastic
Brightness163.500 candlepower
Bulb ColorClear
Bulb TypeT-4 BULB 1/2 (13mm) Dia
Filament Quantity1
Filament TypeC-8
Length2.165 in
Length55.000 MM
Rated Life130 hrs
Voltage12.800 volts
Wattage65.000 watts
Halogen Capsules
Count on WagnerŪ halogen capsules for superior performance for automotive lighting. Equipped with high-grade filament and glass, Wagner halogen capsules deliver brighter, whiter light than incandescent lighting.

Features & Benefits:
  • Shines Bright -- Brighter, whiter light than incandescent lighting
  • High Quality -- High-grade filament and glass delivers quality performance
  • DOT/SAE Compliant -- Wagner lighting products are Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant and meet or exceed Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards
Service Tip: For maximum visibility and safety, always replace bulbs in pairs. Bulbs put out less light as they age, and if one burned out, the other is not far behind.

Warranty Information:
60 Days