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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: BP921LL}
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WAGNER 921LL Specifications
Amperage Rating1.400 amps
Base TypeWedge
Brightness21.000 Candlepower
Bulb ColorClear
Bulb TypeT-5 BULB 5/8 (16mm) Dia
Filament Quantity1
Filament TypeC-2R
Length1.490 in
Length38.000 mm
Rated Life2000 hrs
Voltage12.800 volts
Wattage17.920 watts
Long Life
Whether you drive a passenger vehicle or a commercial vehicle, WagnerŪ LongLife HD miniature bulbs are for drivers who need their vehicle and lights to last longer. LongLife HD bulbs deliver twice the life of Wagner miniature bulbs.

Features & Benefits:
  • Longer Lasting -- Delivers twice the life as compared to Wagner miniature bulbs making it ideal for drivers who need long life from their lights
  • Designed For Hardworking Vehicles -- Ideal for commercial, emergency, fleet, rideshare and delivery vehicles that drive farther, longer or in challenging conditions
  • Exceptional Durability -- Extra strong filament withstands vibration and inhibits premature breakage
  • Superior Performance -- Unique krypton gas charge for longer life and natural amber glass (application specific) keeps its color
  • DOT/SAE Compliant -- Wagner lighting products are Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant and meet or exceed Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 000051921P, 00H01000681, 0154833AA, 110921, 12450313, 13503348, 13503360, 13503402, 13505776, 1864316004, 1864316004E, 1864316004N, 1864317004, 1864317004N, 1864317044N, 1864318004, 1864318004N, 262615Z000, 262617S000, 2626189908, 2626189912, 2626189917, 2626189918, 262618991B, 262618991D, 262618991E, 267177Z000, 33506S8RN51, 33506SJ6004, 33506SNBJ51, 34901S2K003, 34901SB3671, 34901SHJA01, 34901TK8A01, 4011173, 4030045, 4145, 63210150863, 63251372632, 638536, 710000653, 784920430, 7B0945103, 8124503130, 8226926790, 84920AA020, 84920AC020, 8943728970, 9004951127, 9008081065, 9008081087, 9008081107, 9008498039, 9008498041, 9098111039, 9098111055, 9098111059, 90981WB007, 90981WB009, 90981WB019, 924992F999, 9441956, 947112146, 99132YZZBA, 997007180, 997018100, 99998X0921, AY08000058, E6DZ13466B, L0000921, L000921E, LR000699, M997007180, MR322186, MS820078, MS820079, N10591501, SU00302130

Warranty Information:
60 Days