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GATES 91001 Specifications
DescriptionCoolant & Battery Refractometer
Coolant & Battery Refractometer
Measures concentration of coolant mixture in engine. Gates refractometer automatically corrects for temperature on both types of coolant (ethylene and propylene glycol) while also measuring battery charge levels. Coolant and Battery Refractometer ensures adequate freeze and boil-over protection. By accurately testing the freeze point and concentration of ethylene glycol (-60 to 32F) andpropylene glycol (-50 to 32F) antifreeze solutions, the cooling system will operate properly and engine damage from acidic mixture, electrolysis, cavitation and corrosion will be avoided. The Refractometer's automatic temperature compensation provides immediate, accurate, direct readings without the need to measure temperature or apply a correction. Hydrometers are insufficient for testing today's coolants. Gates hand-held Refractometer also accurately determines the state-of charge or specific gravity for electrolyte in lead-acid batteries.
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): NBH135

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Limited Lifetime
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