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MONROE MA815 Specifications
Dust ShieldYes
Extended Length (in.)19.875
Upper Mounting DescriptionStem Mount - 2.3/8" Stem Length X 3/8"-16 Thread Pitch
Compressed Length (in.)12.250
Travel Length (in.)7.625
Parts Pack(s)P00576,P01136
Compressed Bumper StopYes
Extended Bumper StopYes
Extended Hydraulic LockoutNo
Dust Shield MaterialRubber
Max-Air Shock Absorber; Sold In Pairs

Max-Airģ shock absorbers are ideal for vehicles that haul heavy loads or tow trailers. Designed to maintain level vehicle height, they can be inflated or deflated as needed, from 20 psi to 150 psi with the vehicle loaded. Capacity is limited by vehicle suspension, tires and transmission (see vehicle owner's manual for details).

  • 1/2 inch Piston Rod: Hardened and precision ground rod for consistent performance and long service life
  • All Weather Fluid: Contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction
  • Full Displaced Valving: Better valving range on both the compression and extension cycles of the unit for a smooth comfortable ride
  • Large Volume Air Chamber: Inflates up to 150 psi with vehicle loaded. Deflates for normal driving
  • Lubricated Air Sleeve: Reduces friction for longer service life. Provides smoother operation during suspension movement
  • Sintered Iron Piston: Stronger than traditional metals, enhances durability for longer service life
  • Special Air Fitting: Resists air leakage
Installation Tips

Installing air shocks is a straight-forward job, but there are some things to keep in mind for a successful repair:

  • Donít Rotate
    While most shocks can be rotated, air shocks canít be twisted. The upper and lower part of the air shock has a fixed alignment due to the bellows. If the upper and lower mounts arenít aligned in parallel, it wonít work properly. Donít twist the upper or lower mount.
  • Mount Air Line Fitting Properly
    It is important to have the air line fitting on the dust shield facing in the proper direction. If it isnít installed correctly, the air line may extend out and could rub against the tire. Be sure to affix the air line to the frame of the vehicle (and not the suspension) to allow for play. In some cases, you may have to strap the air line to the dust shield with a zip tie to hold it away from the tire and/or exhaust system.
  • Avoid Tire Wear & Handling Issues
    Air shocks should be adjusted to maintain the original ride height. If the shocks are adjusted to make the ride height higher than what the manufacturer intended, it can affect the suspension geometry of the vehicle and can lead to excessive tire wear and handling issues.
  • Installing Air Line Fittings
    On most air line fittings, the O-ring is compressed around the air line. The proper procedure is to slide the nut and O-ring onto the air line and then insert it into the shock. This ensures the air line is inserted correctly in the fitting. The fitting may leak if you install the O-ring and nut onto the shock first.
  • Where to Mount the T-Fitting
    Mount the T-fitting in the trunk or somewhere easy to access when you need to add air. If you install the T-fitting in the trunk or somewhere else inside the vehicle, make sure it wonít get damaged by anything you store there.
  • Avoid Overtightening Air Fitting Nut
    Tighten the plastic nut on the fitting on the dust shield by hand. If you overtighten the fitting, it can pinch off the air line and air wonít get into the shock.
  • Putting Air in the System
    Once the air shocks are installed, youíre ready to put air in the system. Keep in mind that air shocks are like tires: you shouldnít operate the air shocks with no air in them. For a manual system, you should have a minimum of 20 PSI in the shocks. When under load, add only enough air pressure to maintain level ride height. More air isnít better; it will change the ride height which will lead to ride harshness and damage to suspension parts.
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Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): MA-815

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No Warranty
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