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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: 1102637}
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Please refer to catalog description, not image shown in catalog, for specific information about the mirror, such as the side (Left or Right), finish, etc. The image is intended to help you recognize the part and may not exactly match the part you receive.
VARIOUS MFR CH1321371 Specifications
Mirror Adjustment MethodPowered
Folding TypeManual
Turn Signal IndicatorNo
Housing MaterialPlastic
Marker LightNo
Cap FinishTextured
Cap PaintableNo
Plug Configuration8 hole 5 prong

Various Manufacturer product is sourced from manufacturers such as TYC, TYG, DEPO (MaxZone), and Kool-Vue. Sometimes our warehouse's inventory may have the same part from two or more manufacturers, which is why we cannot guarantee which brand you'll receive. Regardless of the manufacturer, these parts are designed to fit and function like the original equipment.

Mirror Attributes

Outside Mirrors can come with different attributes (not all of which are available for every application). It's important to purchase a mirror that has the same attributes as the vehicle's original equipment mirror, as connector types will differ depending on the attributes.

Some of the most common mirror attributes are:
  • Power or Manual Adjustment - The method used to adjust the angle of the mirror. Power mirrors will be adjusted electronically with buttons inside the vehicle. Manual mirrors will be adjusted by hand or with a joystick inside the vehicle.
  • Blind Spot - Some mirrors assist with the driver's blind spot by either showing an indicator on the mirror glass or housing, or the mirror may include an extra piece of mirror glass.
  • Extendable/Telescopic - Mirrors that are able to extend to a wider angle.
  • Foldable/Folding Type - If the mirror is able to be folded in towards the vehicle, folding mirrors may fold manually or electronically.
  • Heat - Sometimes denoted by a defrost symbol on the glass, near the adjustment switch, or on the temperate control unit.
  • Memory - Mirrors with memory, change angles based on vehicle driver memory settings.
  • Puddle Light - A small light located under the mirror to illuminate the pavement.
  • Turn Signal - Located either on the housing or the glass, flashes when turn signal is activated.
  • Electrochromatic/Auto Dimming - Automatically dims in bright situations for a clearer view.

Position Orientation
Left / Right
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 68067152AC

Warranty Information:
12 Months