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MaxDry SS; Super Sealing Set
You can trust Magnum MaxDry™ precision molded rubber gaskets to seal high-tech late models and our high quality conventional materials for the millions of older vehicles still on the road. Many years ago, you could change a straight six valve cover gasket in 10 minutes for 10 bucks. Six months later, if it was leaking a little, you'd snug up the cap screws until you finally had to change the gasket again. Well, those days are long gone. Valve cover gaskets are now sophisticated components that serve as part of complex emissions control and NVH (noise-vibration-harshness) systems.

Our "Super Sealing" Magnum MaxDry SSTM gaskets combine the best "molded rubber-on-carrier" designs with excellent performance and value. These valve cover gaskets feature high-temperature silicone rubber seals precision molded on composite nylon carriers, which are manufactured from materials selected to meet SAE standards.

Features & Benefits:
  • Premium quality fuel injection wiring harness and connectors for positive, long-lasting connections.
  • Bend-resistant connector pins to prevent accidental installation damage
  • Wiring harness connector at the gasket end is sonically welded in place, rather than pushed in place, to eliminate potential disconnection
  • Featuring Magnum MaxDry SS precision molded rubber-on-plastic technology with reduced sealing bead compression set for leak-free gasket performance
  • Market-leading combination of high quality and competitive pricing
This gasket is for the Cummins ISB inline six-cylinder diesel series, which has a well-deserved reputation as one of the toughest engines on the road. Magnum's USA-made, precision molded MaxDry SS gasket replaces Cummins OE# 5264950. These Cummins engines have a very long life expectancy with proper servicing of the fuel injection system. This Fuel Injector service requires replacement of the valve cover gasket, which not only must seal the valve cover, but also becomes a critical link in the fuel injector electrical connections. In fact, a diagnostic code that indicates a fuel injector problem can actually be the result of a wiring harness failure due to heat cycles and vibration over a period of time, therefore the durability of the gasket and harness is critical.

MAGNUM Warranty Information:
Magnum MaxDry STL gaskets: Limited Lifetime Warranty
All other parts: 12 months