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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: PO4612EX, PH2876EX}
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Various Mfr filters are sold under multiple brand names. The package may not match the brand in the image, but the filter fit and material are physically identical.
VARIOUS MFR PG4612EX Specifications
Filter TypeSpin-on
Filter Media MaterialEnhanced Cellulose
Burst Pressure256
Bypass Relief Valve Setting20
Inside Thread SizeM20x1.5p
Height3.05 IN
Outer Diameter Bottom2.55 IN
Gasket Inside Diameter2.22 IN
Gasket Outside Diameter2.48 IN
Gasket Thickness0.18 IN
Gasket TypeSilicone
Anti-Drain Back ValveYes
Extended Life; Spin-On
  • Durable, powder-coated paint provides a rough surface for enhanced grip
  • 0.5mm Thick steel cans withstand high pressure operating conditions
  • High-quality pressed steel base plate
  • Relief valve allows unfiltered oil to by-pass the filter media in case of oil filter blockage
  • Roll tap forms a precision thread that helps prevent fatigue due to vibration
  • Silicon gasket withstands extreme temperatures (-40F to 400F)
  • Silicone anti-drain back valve with high retention power for protection during start-ups
Which Oil Filter Is Right For You?

Driving Style
Filter Type Oil Change Intervals Normal City / Highway Heavy Traffic Dirty / Dusty Conditions Extreme Weather Towing
3,000 - 5,000 Miles        
Standard Replacement
OEM Recommended    
High Performance / Heavy Duty
OEM Recommended

Oil Change Toolbox

It is illegal to dispose of used oil or oil filters in a sanitary landfill or public waterway. Many towns have free hazardous waste drop-off sites, which a quick internet search will help you find.
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 022214300, 022223420A, 025914300, 032414300, 037023802, 037023803, 05069273AA, 077823802, 081323802A, 081323802B, 086623802, 0B63114302, 1230A040, 12582255, 1321800010, 1520831U00, 1520831U01, 1520831U0A, 1520831U0B, 1520865F00, 1520865F01, 1520865F0B, 1520865F0C, 1520865F0D, 152087B000, 152089E000, 152089E01A, 15208KA010, 15400611003, 15400679023, 15400P0H305, 15400P0H305PE, 15400PC6003, 15400PC6004, 15400PCX004, 15400PFB004, 15400PFB007, 15400PFB014, 15400PH1003, 15400PJ7005, 15400PLC003, 15400PLC004, 15400PLMA00, 15400PLMA01, 15400PLMA01PE, 15400PLMA02, 15400POH305, 15400POH305PE, 15400PR3003, 15400PR3014, 15400PR3406, 15400PT1K01, 15400PT7006, 15400ZJ1004, 15400ZW4003, 15410MCJ000, 15410MCJ003, 15410ZJA99AH, 1651082Z11, 19317651, 2630002500, 263002Y500, 3R0076150M, 489914300, 5069273AA, 817323802, 8971406660, 8FG123802, 8FG1238029A, B35914302, B63014302, B63114302, B65114302, B6M614302, B6Y014300, B6Y114302, B6Y11430291, B6Y1143029A, B6Y114302A, B6Y214302, B6Y214302A, E9GZ6731A, F12Z6731B, F2Y014302A, F32Z6731A, F62Z6731AB, F6CZ6731AB, F80223802, FEY0143029C, FEY14302, FEY1430291, FS0714302B, G6Y014302, G6Y014302A, JE1514302, JEY014302, JEY014302A, KL0714302A, MD134953, MD135737, MD325714, MD332687, MD348631, MD352627, MD360935, N35014302, N3R114302, PE0114302, PY8W14302, XF5Z6731AA

VARIOUS MFR Warranty Information:
12 Months