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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: BPR6EGP}
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NGK 7084
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NGK 7084 Specifications
Center Electrode Core MaterialCopper
Center Electrode Tip MaterialPlatinum
Electrical Terminal TypeRemovable Nut
Gap Size (IN).040
Ground ConfigurationStandard
Ground Electrode Core MaterialNickel
Ground Electrode Quantity1
Ground Electrode Tip DesignTrapezoid
Hex Size (IN)13/16
Insulator Height (mm)55.00
Manufacturer Heat Range6
Part NumberBPR6EGP
Reach (IN).75
Resistance (ohms)5000
Seat TypeFlat
Stock Number7084
Thread Diameter (MM)14.00
G-Power; Pre-Set Gap: 0.040"
NGK G-Power® platinum spark plugs feature a single platinum tip, 98% pure copper core and a .6 mm fine-wire center electrode for more focused sparks and better ignitability.

Features & Benefits:
  • Trapezoidal ground electrode allows for higher ignitability and reduces quenching
  • High-grade alumina silicate ceramic for stronger insulation to reduce dielectric punch-through (caused by spark exiting through side of ceramic)
  • Trivalent plating means no anti-seize required
  • Cold-rolled threads prevent cross-threading and damage to cylinder heads
This spark plug is pre-gapped, but may require minor adjustments with a Spark Plug Gap Tool / Feeler Gauge to match your engine's specifications. For proper engine performance, gaps should be within ±0.004" of OE-Recommended value.
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Material / Series Lifespan / Durability Performance / Ignitability Efficiency / Fuel Economy
Copper / Nickel V-Power
Platinum G-Power
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Warranty Information:
60 Days