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Please refer to catalog description, not image shown in catalog, for specific information about the part, such as the side (Left or Right), finish, etc. Parts do not include embossed logos (eg. image of Ford Mustang bumper cover may show "Mustang" embossed on bumper, but part shipped will not have embossed logo) and do not include emblems. The illustration above is intended to help you recognize the part. The part you receive will come from whichever product line you order (see product line descriptions above) -- not necessarily from the company providing the illustration (we use the same illustration for all product lines).
Chrome; Face Bar; Includes Brackets
Various Manufacturer product is sourced from manufacturers such as TYC, TYG, DEPO (MaxZone), Kool-Vue, and Eagle Eyes. Sometimes our warehouse's inventory may have the same part from two or more manufacturers, which is why we cannot guarantee which brand you'll receive. Regardless of the manufacturer, these parts are designed to fit and function as the original equipment did.

Body parts come in different quality levels (not all of which are available for every application):

  • OE NEW parts are supplied directly by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. These parts are the same as what the vehicle manufacturer installed on the assembly line.
  • CAPA CERTIFIED or NSF CERTIFIED parts bear the seal of independent, third party organizations guaranteeing fitment and quality equal to original equipment. These parts may be required if your insurance company is paying for the repair.
  • PREMIUM LINE parts are made of a higher quality material than regular inventory or economy parts
  • REGULAR INVENTORY parts are designed to be equal to the original equipment in fit, function, and quality.
  • ECONOMY are less expensive and may be less durable and/or a less-exact match for original equipment than other lines. Processes used to produce Economy Line parts may result in striations/markings, uneven edges, etc. This is normal and is not indicative of a defect. When replacing symmetrical parts (like taillights or mirrors), we recommend replacing both sides to ensure they match (small differences in gloss or color compared to original may be noticeable if you replace only one side).
  • RECONDITIONED parts are OE quality, have been reconditioned and are ready for preparation and paint. Primer color of parts may vary.
  • OE TAKE-OFF parts are supplied by dealerships. The parts have been removed from new vehicles, usually because a customer chose to customize the vehicle they were purchasing. The parts may be painted or come with additional parts such as sensors or brackets.

Note: Clips and retaining components are not included with body parts.

Sheet Metal Location Guide For Cars And Trucks

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 8501153828, H5011S3828

Warranty Information:
12 Months