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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: 475-2009}
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DENSO 4752009  
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DENSO 4752009 Specifications
TypeBlock valve

Expansion devices separate the low (suction) and high (discharge) sides of an automobile's air conditioning system, regulating the flow of liquid refrigerant through the evaporator unit. DENSO's expansion valves and orifice tubes are critical components in the overall functionality of an air conditioning system.


  • Designed to regulate flow to the evaporator sensing temperature and pressure
  • Precision built to help make refrigerant flow more precise
  • Excellent reliability for better evaporator control


  • More consistent A/C operation
  • Improved A/C operation in traffic
  • Reduces A/C outlet condensation
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 3849240, 55036079, 55036079AB, 55036079AD, 55036079AF

Warranty Information:
No Warranty