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RAYBESTOS MC390770 Specifications
Primary Port Thread AM12x1
Secondary Port Thread AM12x1
Raybestos® Master Cylinders have vehicle-specific designs and are made from either cast iron or aluminum materials. Each master cylinder comes ready to install with all new parts including castings, pistons, returns springs and other components. New pistons and return springs are vital to the performance of a car’s brake system, helping to prevent brake drag. Brake drag can cause the caliper and rotor to overheat, which will wear down your brake pads and rotor prematurely.

Features & Benefits:
  • 100 percent pressure tested and meet SAE J1153 and J1154 requirements for reliability and performance
  • The master cylinder’s body and plastic reservoir (where included) match center to center for proper fit and leak-free operation
  • The master cylinder’s bore size and finish matches OE specifications, preventing fluid bypass, which can cause a loss of hydraulic pressure
  • EPDM and SBR rubber components offer superior resistance to heat, corrosion and leakage
  • The bleeder screws are coated with a hardened zinc dichromate trivalent coating for extra protection and added durability

Signs of Master Cylinder Wear:
  • Spongy or mushy braking
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Slower stop-times
  • Lower than normal brake fluid levels or needing to replace brake fluid more frequently
  • Brakes locking simultaneously
  • Contaminated Brake Fluid (due to leaking seals)

Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime. Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.