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M-PACT 05067 Specifications
Clutch Disc Diameter9-1/8"
Input Shaft Diameter13/16"
Clutch Disc Spline Count18
9-1/8" x 13/16" x 18T
The M-Pact stock replacement clutch kit delivers quality, performance, and reliability. Each clutch kit consists of matched components that result in a smoother, more consistent engagement. Every M-Pact clutch set includes a premium quality cover and disc assembly, release bearing, pilot bearing (when required), alignment tool, and lubricant.

  • Application specific matched components are manufactured to OEM standards
  • Organic clutch disc material ensures smooth, chatter free engagements
  • Contains premium cover and disc assembly, release bearing, pilot bearing, alignment tool and lubricant (where pictured)

Organic vs. Kevlar vs. Ceramic Friction Disc - What Is The Difference?

The Friction Disc is a vital part of any clutch. It connects the pressure plate and flywheel, and is responsible for transferring engine power to the rest of the vehicle. Clutch Kits come with several different types of friction discs, and it is important to understand the pros and cons of each material:

Clutch Disc Material Smooth Engagement Holding Power
(Friction "Grab")
High Torque Capacity Lifespan Gentle To Flywheel
★★★ ★★ ★★★
★★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★ ★★★
Ceramic / Cerametallic
★★★ ★★★

Tips & Tools For The Job
  • Wear a Dust Mask to protect against hazardous clutch dust. You can also spray the clutch with water prior to removal to reduce the amount of airborne dust during disassembly.
  • Use a Flywheel Turner to hold the flywheel in place while removing and reinstalling the pressure plate bolts.
  • Apply Blue Threadlocker to flywheel bolts prior to installation to prevent backing out due to the high vibrations flywheels are subject to.
  • Use the provided lubricant to lightly lubricate the splines of the input shaft. Over lubricating the input shaft risks lubricant transfer to the clutch friction disc and can cause clutch slippage.
  • Be sure to install the new clutch friction disc in the correct direction. The disc will have a "Flywheel Side" label on one side.

Warranty Information:
12 Months / 12,000 Miles
Warranty Details