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Behr; Does Not Include Expansion Valve

BEHR, one of the seven great brands of MAHLE Aftermarket, is the global expert in thermal management and a long-term development partner and series supplier to the international original equipment segment. Air Conditioning and Cooling Products from BEHR are distinguished by their quality, reliability and long service life. The OE know-how and the expertise at BEHR are crucial and directly influence product development.

A/C Evaporator Core:

The evaporator is a core element of temperature management. It is located in the vehicle cabin below the dashboard and is integrated into the ventilation system. The evaporator takes care of the heat transfer between the surrounding air and the refrigerant in the air conditioning. Under high pressure, the liquid refrigerant transforms into a gaseous state. The evaporation cooling generated by this process is then dissipated into the environment via the large surface of the evaporator and routed directly into the vehicle cabin by the blower's air flow. MAHLE evaporators are characterized by their high performance, small packaging depth, and low weight.

OEM / Interchange Numbers: 351331291, 64116968201, 64119197043, 64119237510, 64119262359, 64119281416, 6968201, 9197043, 9237510, 9262359, 9281416

MAHLE / CLEVITE Warranty Information:
12 Months