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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: 7C3Z3A713J}
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MOTORCRAFT PSH245 Specifications
MaterialMetal, Rubber
  • Premium quality EPDM rubber used in most hoses; designed to help resist heat, oil, grease, antifreeze and all approved coolant additives
  • Flexible tube sections are reinforced with braided polyester for added strength
  • Burst pressure tested up to ten times the maximum peak operating pressure
  • Tested for cold weather flexibility, high heat resistance and against chemical breakdown for long life and performance
Installation Tips
  • Replace all power steering hoses at the same time, to prevent system contamination
  • Completely flush the system with an OE approved Power Steering Fluid prior to installation (the correct type of fluid is noted on the reservoir cap or in your owner's manual). Flushing the system is critical to prevent system contamination and failure
  • Install the replacement hose in reverse order of how it was removed, making sure to install any included o-rings. Lubricate the o-rings with Silicone Grease and carefully install them, to prevent damage. Make sure the hose is not touching or rubbing against any components that vibrate or give off heat
  • Consider installing a Power Steering Filter on the Power Steering Return Hose to prevent system contamination and extend the life of the power steering components

Warranty Information:
24 months/unlimited miles; Motorcraft warranties are valid to U.S. customers only
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