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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: 3-0430S}
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MELLING 30430S Specifications
Camshaft Sprocket MaterialHigh Alloy Steel
Keyway AdjustableNo
Sprockets IncludedYes
Standard Kit
Melling is a leader in engineering design, development, prototype, testing and assembly of fluid delivery products and related items for the automotive OEM industry as well as the aftermarket industry. In addition to being a leading manufacturer of aftermarket oil pumps, they also offer camshafts, timing components, valve train, cylinder sleeves, expansion plugs, and tools for the engine building industry.

Features & Benefits:
  • Timing kit includes all components needed to complete a full timing rebuild
  • Manufactured from high quality materials for consistent durable wear
  • Precision engineered for optimum fit and function
  • Designed for long-life and worry-free performance
Service Tip: Clean and sufficient oil is the key to getting maximum life from your timing system. Premature component or complete system failure can often be traced to oiling issues. Always use manufacturer-recommended oil and follow manufacturer-recommended service intervals.
Benefits of Purchasing a Complete Kit

Purchasing individual components may be less expensive up-front, but a complete Timing Chain & Component Kit provides added benefits:

Improve Engine Performance: A new chain may not mesh with worn sprockets, and worn tensioners / guides won't apply enough tension, ultimately resulting in poor engine performance. Replacing all timing components together will make the whole system run more efficiently.
Save Time & Money: The cost of the kit is often less than buying all of the components individually, and replacing all of the components at the same time means you only have to do the job (or pay for labor) once.

Warranty Information:
12 Months
Warranty Details