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Air Door Actuator

Four Seasons performs thorough testing to ensure every air door actuator matches O.E. fit and performance. This testing includes:

  • Function: Voltage Signal Input/Output (Directional or Operational) and Operational Range
  • Critical Dimensions: Mounting Configuration and Drive Mating/Orientation
  • Connector Fitment with OE Harness
  • Endurance Testing: 5,000 Full-Range Cycles
Functions of Air Door Actuators
  • Temperature Blend Door Actuators: The temperature blend door actuators control the temperature of the air flowing from the vents by mixing hot and cold air from the heater core and the evaporator core.
  • Mode Door Actuators: The mode door actuator controls what vents have air flow, i.e. floor, panel or front, defrost, or any combination of those.
  • Recirculation Door Actuators: The recirculation door actuator controls the intake of air into the system, either bringing outside air in or using inside air in recirculation.
Has Your Actuator Failed?

Failures of the actuators often lead to the air door becoming stuck in one position, leading to improper ventilation.

  • Electrical Failures: Motor Failure, Poor Electrical Connections, or Internal Electrical Components on the PCB Fail
  • Mechanical Failures: Broken Gears (Split in the Main Driver Gear or Broken Teeth on Small Gears
  • Functional Failures: Internal Feedback for the Actuator's Position no Longer Functions Properly, often Resulting in an Intermittent Failure.
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 5137699AA, 5137699AB, 5137700AA, 5137700AB, 68000494AA, 68000495AA, 68013367AA, 68018095AA, 68031977AA, 68033337AA, 68037360AA, 68037360AB, 68238243AA, 68299450AA

Warranty Information:
120 Days