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CSF 973 Specifications
Bottom Hose Fitting (IN)1 3/8 Right
Core Length (IN)15 3/4
Core MaterialCopper
Core Thickness (IN)1 1/8
Core Width (IN)18 13/16
Cross-Flow / Down-FlowDown-Flow
Inlet Length (IN)19 1/4
Inlet Width (IN)1 13/16
No. of Rows2
Oil Cooler (IN)9 13/16 (High-Efficiency Concentric Type)
Outlet Length (IN)19 1/4
Outlet Width (IN)1 13/16
Radiator Cap Supplied?No
Tank MaterialBrass
Top Hose Fitting (IN)1 3/8 Left
2 Row All Metal; Use Mini 13 psi Cap

Features & Benefits

  • Factories are ISO certified and are OE suppliers to many US, German and Asian manufacturers
  • 100% leak tested before leaving factory at 150% of operating pressure for long life and proper performance
  • All components are installed, torqued, & tested on Radiator during assembly
  • Tanks are made from Virgin Grade Engineered plastic resins, which are "Glass Filled" for added Strength & Durability
  • Gaskets are made from Special Grade "EPDM" rubber to withstand extreme temperatures
  • High Performance "Multi-Louvered Design" Fins
Service Tip: If you are experiencing unexplained or reoccurring radiator core leaks, or notice dark spots on your failed radiator core, test your coolant for Electrolysis. If detected, correct the source of the problem before replacing your failed radiator to prevent repeat failure.
CSF's Testing Process

  • Vibration Cycle Test
  • Thermal Cycle Test
  • Wind Tunnel Test for optimal radiator core cooling efficiency
  • Burst Pressure and Impulse Cycle tested for strength
  • Salt Spray Tested for corrosion protection
  • 10 Foot Box "Drop Test" to ensure packaging protection
  • 30 Point Fit Inspection on critical dimensions to ensure OE fit with no modifications necessary
Cooling System Maintenance | Tips & Tools

Without regular maintenance, cooling system components will degrade and fail prematurely, which can lead to costly engine damage. Protect your engine with simple preventative maintenance:

  • Completely drain and flush the system using Cooling System Flush prior to installation. Flushing the system is critical to prevent system contamination and failure.
  • Consider replacing the Radiator Hoses (and Hose Clamps), Thermostat and Radiator Cap as part of routine preventative maintenance. System contamination can cause these parts to degrade and fail over time, which can lead to severe engine damage from overheating.
  • Refill radiator with fresh Coolant / Antifreeze according to the volume and formula specified in your Owner's Manual. Inspect levels and condition every year.

The CSF Difference

OEM / Interchange Numbers: MB007580, MB007581, MB008171, MB008172, MB356387, MB356419

Warranty Information:
2 Year Limited (Radiator Warranty Paperwork)
Warranty Details