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AAE 3676N  
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AAE Features:
  • Each unit is 100% inspected and hydraulically tested in the USA
  • Supplied with inner tie rods, new bellows secured by OE stainless steel clamps to keep dirt and debris out, preventing premature failure
  • Upgraded bar is heat treated to prevent premature failure (where applicable)
  • Products are engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications in performance, fit and function
Installation Tips
  • Replace Power Steering Pressure and Return Hoses when replacing the rack & pinion. Steering hoses can degrade internally and cause contamination in the power steering system, which can damage the new rack & pinion
  • Completely flush the system with an OE approved Power Steering Fluid prior to installation (the correct type of fluid is noted on the reservoir cap or in your owner's manual). Flushing the system is critical to prevent system contamination and failure
  • Consider installing a Power Steering Filter on the Power Steering Return Hose to prevent system contamination and extend the life of the power steering components
  • Bleed the system to prevent noise and extend the life of the steering components
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Flush Procedure
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 4420060170

Warranty Information:
2 Years