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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: RAD1003C}
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RAYBESTOS 980798FZN Specifications
Discard Thickness (IN)0.314
Discard Thickness (MM)8.000
Inside Diameter (IN)6.875
Inside Diameter (MM)174.650
Mounting Bolt Hole Quantity5
Nominal Thickness (IN)0.390
Nominal Thickness (MM)9.900
Outside Diameter (IN)10.700
Outside Diameter (MM)271.800
Overall Height (IN)1.915
Overall Height (MM)48.650
Rotor TypeConventional
Solid Or Vented Type RotorSolid
Surface TypeSmooth
Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter (IN)4.409
Wheel Bolt Circle Diameter (MM)112.000
Wheel Bolt Holes5
Element3; Coated
Open-wheel designs on modern vehicles leave brake parts, particularly rotors, more exposed to the elements. If a rotor is uncoated, corrosion and rust begin to form immediately.

Raybestos Element3 Coated Rotors use a propriety finishing technology to coat each rotor's entire surface, including the cooling vanes, to ensure optimal airflow and cooling. The full Grey Fusion 4.0 coating helps resist corrosion and significantly delays rust-induced performance issues. Three years of field testing prove these rotors stand up to rain, salt and snow!

Features & Benefits:
  • Developed from OE samples and made with G3000-qualified material, guaranteeing form, fit and function for dependable performance
  • Each rotor is fully coated with a proprietary Grey Fusion 4.0 coating. This coating has been tested to meet or exceed salt-spray test regulation ASTM-B117, which exceeds original equipment requirements
  • Coated cooling vanes keeps the vanes clear of rust and corrosion for optimal airflow and cooling
  • Meet the SAE standard for tensile strength, providing structural integrity and a maximum service life
  • Non-directional ground finish gives you a product that is ready to install right out of the box
  • Lateral runout of 0.004 or less and a thickness variation of less than 0.0005 ensures less pedal pulsation, less brake noise, and extended pad life
  • Mill balanced and 100% validated, leading to proper balance, minimized vibration, and quieter and smoother stopping
  • Great for drivers in rust-prone areas like the rust belt or coastal regions with salt in the air and high humidity
Installation Tips
  • Always replace Brake Pads and inspect Calipers and Brake Hoses when installing new rotors
  • Suspend the caliper from the suspension using a Caliper Hanger to prevent damage to the brake hose
  • After removing the old rotor, clean the hub face with a Wire Brush to remove rust buildup and apply Copper Anti Seize to prevent future buildup. Rust or debris on the hub can cause rotor runout and lead to wheel vibration
  • Apply Brake Lube to caliper pins, clips, the edges of the brake pad mounting tabs, and the back side of the brake pads to ensure noise free braking. DO NOT apply lube to the friction side of the brake pads
  • Use a Caliper Piston Compressor to retract the caliper piston(s) and make room for the new, thicker brake pads
  • Open the master cylinder reservoir during piston compression to prevent pressure buildup. Keep an eye on the Brake Fluid level to ensure it does not overflow
  • After the job is complete, pump the brake pedal several times to push the caliper piston back up against the pads to ensure proper brake function

OEM / Interchange Numbers: 1K0615601AA, 561615601, 561615601A, 5Q0615601D, 5QM615601C, 5QM615601E

Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime. Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. Normal/uneven wear is not covered