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MOOG K90559 Specifications
Bar Diameter (Inch)0.870
Base to Centerline (Inch)0.944
Base to Centerline (MM)24.0
Height (Inch)1.614
Includes HardwareNo
Inner Diameter (Inch)1.654
Length (Inch)1.811
Outer Diameter (Inch)1.742
Quantity of Bushings2
  • Premium Materials -- Made from high-quality natural rubber material for durability and ride performance
  • Extended Service Life -- Less prone to splitting, discoloring or cracking with age for long life
  • Precise Engineering -- Optimized for quiet operation and resistance to wear, salt, road grime and oils
  • Rigorous Testing -- Comprehensive testing throughout design and development processes by MOOG engineers for quality you can count on
How To Determine Stabilizer (Sway) Bar Diameter

To determine Stabilizer (Sway) Bar diameter, measure the bar next to the bushing (toward the center of the vehicle), utilizing one of the methods below.

  1. Use a digital caliper or micrometer for a precise reading
  2. Use an open end wrench that fits snug around the bar, or tighten an adjustable wrench around the bar, and then measure the span opening
  3. Wrap a piece of non-stretchable tape (like masking tape) around the bar to get the circumference. Circumference divided by Pi (3.14) = Diameter. In the example below, the tape measured 3 5/8". 3 5/8 = 29/8 = 3.63 inches. Diameter = 3.63/3.14 = 1.15 inches.

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 51306S3VA00

Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime