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DAYCO 87792 Specifications
Contains Heat ShieldN
Contains Protective SleeveY
End 1 Inside Diameter5/8 In.
End 2 Inside Diameter5/8 In.
Hose TypeSingle I.D. Hose
SAE SpecificationSAE J20R3 Class D-1, SAE J1684 Type EC
Trunk Height21 1/4 in.
Small I.D. Heater Hose; Molded

DaycoŽ Small I.D. Molded Heater Hose is designed to replace OEM coolant hose in applications where molded hose in small diameters (1" I.D. or smaller) is required.

Features & Benefits:
  • The molded configuration eliminates the need for multiple connections of hoses and clamps.
  • The knitted reinforcement and synthetic EPDM construction provides high strength and resistance to detrimental environmental elements, coolants, and temperature variations of -40°F (-40°C) to +257°F (+125°C).
  • If the OE parts have a "quick connect" end, the DaycoŽ Small I.D. Molded Heater Hoses are also made with the quick connect assembled onto the hose for fast, convenient installation.
  • Meets SAE J20R4 EC, Class D-1 requirements
Signs it is Time to Replace Your Heater Hose(s)

Prevent system contamination and coolant leaks that could cause your engine to overheat by checking for these common signs of Heater Hose damage / failure:


Soft / mushy hose ends, usually about 2 inches from the clamp.

Internally Damaged Hose
Internally Damaged Hose

Moisture, drips or coolant bleed marks on or around the hose clamps, connectors or hose.

Leak Damaged Hose
Leaking Hose

Slight swelling, or a hardened, glossy cover that is covered with cracks.

Heat Damaged Hose
Heat Damaged Hose

Tiny, parallel cracks in the cover, usually at hose bends.

Ozone Damaged Hose
Ozone Damaged Hose

Rubbing marks on, or damage to the hose cover.

Abrasion Damaged Hose
Abrasion Damaged Hose

Soft or spongy to the touch - bulges and swelling are readily apparent.

Oil Damaged Hose
Oil Contaminated Hose
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OEM / Interchange Numbers: 32002245, 5058858AC, 5058858AD, 5264398, 9532138100, 9731139000, 973122E700, 9731238100, 9732139000, 9732238100, MB527995

Warranty Information:
12 Months/12,000 Miles