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WALKER 83490 Specifications
Air Tube CountNo
Body MaterialStainless Steel
Body ShapeRound
California CertifiedYes
Converter Quantity1
Dimensions - Body Height4.125 in.
Dimensions - Body Length13 in.
Dimensions - Body Width4.125 in.
Dimensions - Outlet 1 Outside Diameter1.782 in.
Dimensions - Outlet Outside Diameter1.782 in.
Dimensions - Overall Length17 in.
Inlet 1 Type3 Bolt Welded Flange
Inlet Quantity1
Inlet Type3 Bolt Welded Flange
Mounting Hardware IncludedNo
Outlet 1 Type3 Bolt Welded Flange
Outlet Quantity1
Outlet Type3 Bolt Welded Flange
Substrate MaterialCeramic
C.A.R.B. Compliant
Determine your Engine Family Number to make sure you order the correct replacement converter.

Walker® CalCat® Catalytic Converters comply with specific pre-OBDII and OBDII requirements for California and other states with strict emissions standards. CalCat converters feature the right loading of precious metals, the proper catalyst material and design, and a high-technology washcoat, providing enhanced oxygen storage capacity.

  • Direct-Fit Converters designed for easy installation and OE-style fit.
  • Thicker, OE-quality flanges.
  • Body and pipe heat shields to match OE.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Oxygen sensor fittings (where applicable).

Have You Fixed the Problem that Caused your OEM Converter to Fail?

Catalytic Converters are designed to last the life of your vehicle – they do not fail on their own. It is important to fix the source of the problem before replacing your OEM converter. There are three major reasons a converter fails:


Often caused by unburned fuel entering the converter from a faulty:

  • Spark Plug
  • Exhaust Valve
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Fuel Injector
Burned Catalytic Converter
Burned Converter


Often caused by exposure to emissions substances from:

  • Leaky Cylinder Head Gasket
  • Silicone-Based Sealant
  • Improper Fuel (E85, Diesel)
  • Worn Piston Ring / Valve Seal
Oil Fouled Catalytic Converter
Oil Fouled Converter

Often caused by road debris, corrosion or other conditions such as:

  • Air Gap Pipe Failure
  • Flex Pipe Failure
  • Stripped O2 Sensor Threads
  • Broken Hangers
Rusted Catalytic Converter
Dented Converter

Walker Emissions Control | Diagnosing Catalytic Converter P0420 Code

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Warranty Information:
E.P.A. Compliant: 25,000 Miles - Catalytic Performance; 5 Years/50,000 Miles - Structural Integrity
C.A.R.B. Compliant: 5 Years/50,000 Miles - Catalytic Performance & Structural Integrity