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8 oz Bottle; PAG 46 (R-134a) Oil; 8 oz

Oil is an important part of the A/C system. Refrigerant charged oil circulates through the system while keeping 60-70% of the oil in the compressor at all times. This provides adequate lubrication to reduce friction (heat) and wear (metal particles that will cause premature compressor failure and clog condenser passages).

When doing a compressor job, it is always advisable when removing the old compressor to drain the oil to see what sort of condition the system is in, and to see how much oil is inside the compressor. This will also help to determine if there is any oil left in the system or if the compressor failure was due to low refrigerant oil. It is also advisable when installing a new compressor to check the amount of oil inside it, to ensure the system gets the correct lubrication.

  • GPD uses OEM grade PAG oil in three different viscosities: PAG 46 (8011250), PAG 100 (8011251), and PAG 150 (8011252)
  • All three are high quality PAG formulations and can be used with all OEM R134A systems or retrofitted vehicles
  • GPD's PAG oils help extend compressor life by reducing friction and metal wear
  • GPD's PAG oils meet OEM specifications and meet or exceed SAE2670 standards

Warranty Information:
12 Months