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  1. Robotic Laser Weld
  2. Porous PTFE Filter - Allows atmospheric oxygen to enter the sensor without permitting water or engine contaminants to seep into the casing.
  3. Double Protection Cover - Maintains proper unit temperature for quicker response times and protects the ceramic element against silicone and lead poisoning.
  4. Stainless Steel Housing - Resists corrosion and contamination with a rugged, watertight body.
  5. Aluminum-Oxide Trap Layer - Keeps silicone and lead outside the ceramic elient through DENSO's exclusive design, preventing damage to the platinum electrode.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • PTFE filter blocks efficiency-robbing contaminants
  • Refined zirconia element improves sensor response
  • Superior design maximizes engine performance and fuel efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions
  • First Time FitŪ delivers the right part the first time
  • Ensures smog test compliance
Common O2 Sensor Locations, Service Intervals, & Helpful Links

Thread Diameter0.708 In.
Wire Harness Length22.05 In.
Wire Quantity4
Connector GenderFemale
Sensor TypeHeated
Mounting TypeThreaded
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): BP3C18861, BP3C188619U, BP4Y18861C, BP4Y18861C9U, BPD318861, BPD318861A, BPD318861A9U, F5CZ9F472A, K80518861A, K80518861A9U, MBP3C18861, MBPD318861, MBPD318861A

DENSO Warranty Information:
12 months on A/C Evaporator Cores, A/C Compressors, A/C Compressor Clutches, A/C Condensers, Radiators, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Tank Sending Units, Ignition Coils (COP), Alternators, Starters, and Mass Air Flow Sensors. Parts subject to normal wear and tear are not covered (Filters, Ignition Wires, Oxygen Sensors, Spark Plugs, Wiper Blades, etc.). IMPORTANT A/C COMPRESSOR WARRANTY NOTE: In order to ensure that proper warranty credit is issued if needed, the compressor installation instructions must be adhered to. All compressors returned for defect must show proof of purchase of an A/C Orifice Tube (or A/C Expansion Valve), A/C Receiver Drier/Accumulator, and A/C System Flush or a Work Order showing the purchase of these items and that the system was flushed.