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GATES 24212  
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GATES 24212 Specifications
Centerline Length36"
Centerline Length (ft)3
Centerline Length (m).91
End 1 Inside Diameter.75"
End 2 Inside Diameter.75"
Working Pressure (psi)100
3/4" (100 psi)
  • Straight hose designed for demanding heavy-duty coolant/air applications.
  • Engineered to resist electrochemical degradation (ECD®) – the leading cause of hose failure.
  • Two-ply bias fabric construction to maximize flexibility and strength.
  • Resists “cold water leaks” at clamp connections.
  • Advanced EPDM tube cover stays soft and pliable, even under adverse operating conditions.
  • Resists water loss from water permeating through the hose wall and cover -- a distinct advantage over silicone.
  • Temperature rating: –40°F to +257°F (–40°C to +125°C)
  • Packaging: 3-ft. lengths.
  • Exceeds SAE 20R1 Type EC (Class D-1 Tube, and cover, Standard Wall) specifications.

NOTE: For a maintenance free connection, use Gates PowerGrip® SB Clamps.

Cooling System Hose Standards

  • SAE 20R1: Heavy duty service; standard wall or heavy wall
  • SAE 20R2: Heavy duty service with embedded wire for kink and vacuum resistance
  • SAE 20R3: Normal service heater hose (ID under 1 inch)
  • SAE 20R4: Normal service radiator hose (larger IDs)
  • SAE 20R5: Normal service with embedded wire for high flexibility and vacuum resistance
  • Class A: High temperature resistant (e.g. silicone)
  • Class B: High oil resistant (e.g. nitrile)
  • Class C: Medium oil resistant (e.g. neoprene)
  • Class D-1: Low oil resistant; improved service (e.g. EPDM)
  • Class D-2: Low oil resistant; standard service
  • Class D-3: Low oil resistant; high temperature resistant (e.g. p-EPDM)

* EC suffix: Electrochemically resistant rubber; HT suffix: High temperature resistant rubber (>125C)

OEM / Interchange Numbers: H152867, H160024

GATES Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime
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