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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: 28490, H156}
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GATES 28410
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GATES 28410 Specifications
End 1 Inside Diameter.5"
End 2 Inside Diameter.5"
Weight Per Length8.25 lbs./Carton
Working Pressure (psi)60
Straight; Safety Stripe® Series; 1/2" I.D.; 60 psi

Get more out of your heater hose with a Safety Stripe® Series Heater Hose constructed for extra-long service life. Intended for use on cars and light trucks, this EPDM hose is unaffected by most coolants, non-oil based coolant additives, and high cooling system pressures. Additionally, it is resistant to high temperatures for extended periods of time, which aids in prolonging its service life, resulting in a more efficient engine.

Features & Benefits:
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F)
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty trucks, buses, or off-road construction equipment; use the Green Stripe® heater hose for these applications
  • Meets SAE 20R3 Standard Wall Class D-2 requirements
Signs it is Time to Replace Your Heater Hose(s)

Prevent system contamination and coolant leaks that could cause your engine to overheat by checking for these common signs of Heater Hose damage / failure:


Soft / mushy hose ends, usually about 2 inches from the clamp.

Internally Damaged Hose
Internally Damaged Hose

Moisture, drips or coolant bleed marks on or around the hose clamps, connectors or hose.

Leak Damaged Hose
Leaking Hose

Slight swelling, or a hardened, glossy cover that is covered with cracks.

Heat Damaged Hose
Heat Damaged Hose

Tiny, parallel cracks in the cover, usually at hose bends.

Ozone Damaged Hose
Ozone Damaged Hose

Rubbing marks on, or damage to the hose cover.

Abrasion Damaged Hose
Abrasion Damaged Hose

Soft or spongy to the touch - bulges and swelling are readily apparent.

Oil Damaged Hose
Oil Contaminated Hose

Protect The Ride – O-Rings & Rubber

Protect The Ride – Plastic Elements in the Cooling System

OEM / Interchange Numbers: 06A121497AA, 06A121497E, 09551D100, 10378155, 12608670, 12787736, 140551FJ0A, 14055EW600, 15077095, 15077147, 15181119, 15257756, 15710551, 15727309, 15763280, 15763290, 15834774, 15898403, 1626138020, 1628328100, 20760282, 20940891, 213063JA0B, 213065Y700, 213065Y705, 213068J100, 213068J105, 213068Y000, 21306JA10A, 21306JA11A, 21306JA12A, 21306JA13B, 21306ZE00B, 217419FD0A, 22742964, 22827733, 22861867, 22887733, 25804503, 25835263, 25880386, 807611060, 807611090, 807611100, 807612011, 872090E080, 872090E090, 8720948140, 8720948150, 8720948190, 8720948200, 8724508070, 91177065, 99078AB220, SU00303435

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Limited Lifetime
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