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TIMKEN 3604  
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Oil and grease seals from Timken feature precision sealing designs to prevent lubricant escape and stop harmful contaminants from entering.

  • Reinforced outer case helps prevent installation damage and enhances durability
  • Ribbed rubber inner diameter designed to seal minor spindle imperfections and promote positive spindle seating
  • Internal contamination exclusion system helps prevent debris penetration which may lead to leakage
  • Vent holes allow lubricants to flow freely around the seal lip, cooling seal components and removing heat build-up
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 12305284, 2L1Z3N134AA, C7AW4676A, C7AZ4676A, CC7AZ4676A, D0AW4676C, D2AW4676A, D8BW4676AA, D8BZ4676A, D8BZ4676AA, D9AW4676AA, D9AZ4676A, D9AZ467AA, E27W4676A1A, E27W4676AA, E3TZ4676A, E4TW4676A1A, E5DW4676AA, E5DZ4676A, E87W4676BA, E8TZ4676C, F89Z4676AA, T3903, ZZL027018, ZZL027220

TIMKEN Warranty Information:
12 Months