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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: MF16410, 216410M:8}
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BSE 216410M  
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BSE markets and sells their products under both BSE and Blue Streak Electronics. The product inside the box is the same, no matter what brand name appears on the box.
BSE 216410M Specifications
Connector GenderFemale
FunctionsMass Air Flow
Terminal GenderMale
Terminal Quantity5
Reman; Sensor Only

By fixing and improving components regularly, Blue Streak Electronics knows which are the most vulnerable parts that need improvement. Their line of remanufactured Mass Air Flow Sensors provides OE-quality product to customers who demand it.

Features & Benefits:
  • 100% Computerized Testing for all Modules and Sensors using advanced test equipment.
  • Latest OEM calibrations installed in all programmable modules.
  • Common component failures are 100% replaced.
  • Complete board reflow to ensure reliable performance.
  • Upgraded components used to improve circuit reliability and performance.
  • Trilingual installation instructions.
Check for Vacuum Leaks First!

Vacuum leaks present symptoms similar to a faulty MAF Sensor. When replacing the MAF, always check for vacuum leaks, too. Common sources include:

  • Cracked or loose Vacuum Hoses / Connectors - an audio Stethoscope can help detect air induced sounds from vacuum leaks.
  • Leaking Intake Manifold Gasket (found in the "Engine" category) - Vacuum Gauge readings below 17-22 in-Hg (normal manifold vacuum at sea level) at idle may indicate an intake manifold gasket leak.
    • Note: As elevation increases, readings decrease. Subtract 1 in-Hg from normal manifold vacuum reference for every 1,000 feet increase in elevation above 2,000 feet.
  • Stuck open PCV Valve - remove the PCV Valve and gently shake it; if it does not rattle, the valve is clogged or dirty and should be replaced.
  • Cracked Intake Boot (found in the "Engine" category)

Cleaning Your MAF Sensor

Additional Resources

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OEM / Interchange Numbers: 12576410, 13244778, 15865791, 19186089, 25940911, 8158657910

Closeout Inventory Warranty Information:
Wholesaler Closeout items have a 30 day warranty (but still are covered by our Return Policy).

BSE Regular Inventory Warranty Information:
1 Year (Unlimited Miles)