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RockAuto is an online, family business founded in 1999 by automotive engineers with two goals:

  • Liberate information hidden behind the auto parts store counter (by listing all available items and product specifications on, not just what one store stocks or one counter-person knows)
  • Make auto parts affordable (by remaining a strictly online company, we have no store locations, no counter-people and don't have a lot of money tied up in slow-moving inventory. We pass on those savings with lower prices so cars of all ages can be reliable and fun to drive.)

Today, we ship thousands of parts, from hundreds of manufacturers, to millions of customers all over the world. And the RockAuto catalog keeps expanding. Someday, it may be possible to build an entire car using parts from RockAuto!

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To check order status, arrange a return, change or cancel an order, or report a problem, please use our Order Status & Returns page.
  • To pay by mail, please enter your order online, choose "Check or Money Order" as Payment, and write your order number on your check.
  • Parts are stocked in multiple locations and all orders are shipped via common carrier. It is not possible to pick up parts in person.
  • If you need to return something, please use our Order Status & Returns page to get return instructions. Returns may not go back to the warehouse from which they came.
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We store customer names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers so we can find your order if you ask us about it, so we can tell you when your order ships, and so you can use the "Remember Me" feature instead of typing your address on every order. We do not store credit card numbers.

We do not telemarket. We do not sell, rent or share customer information. We may use your email address to tell you about discounts, promotions, newsletters or other events. Each email offers the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list with one click.

Our catalog uses a "cookie" to identify contents of your shopping cart before placing an order. is audited regularly to ensure information you share with us cannot be extracted by anyone else. RockAuto has been hailed as one of the top 10 companies for best practices by the Online Trust Alliance! Read the USA Today article here.

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