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Finding Parts for Your Vehicle

Cars, Vans, Light & Medium Duty Trucks

Q: Where are parts for my car or truck?
A: Scroll through our catalog and click to expand your vehicle make, listed alphabetically. Then, click to expand the year, model, and engine size of your vehicle.
click to expand the year, model, and engine size of your vehicle

Or, type the year, make, model, engine and the part that you’re looking for in the search box at the top of the main page. Matching words will appear as you type; press the down-arrow key to choose one and continue typing. Click the correct one, press enter or click to go to that vehicle/part.
In the box at the top of the catalog


Q: What do the flags at the top of the catalog mean? Filter check boxes
A: Flags indicate where a vehicle was originally sold (US, Europe, etc.). Un-check boxes to remove vehicles not sold in your area from the list, or check boxes to see a vehicle you imported from elsewhere. Un-checking the last box ("<") limits the list to late-model vehicles.


Q: I know what's wrong with my vehicle, but not the part I need - how can I find it?
A: Click the name of the vehicle system or category (like "Belt Drive") the broken part is part of.  The list will expand to show you parts for that portion of the vehicle, listed alphabetically. Parts purchased most frequently for your vehicle are bold.
how can I find it?


Q: I know the name of the part I need, how can I find it?
A: Start typing the name of the part in the "Find Category" box -- it will display a drop-down list of possible matches. If one looks right, use your mouse, or down-arrow then Enter, to choose it. Or press "Enter" on your keyboard or click , to highlight all categories which contain part names matching your entry.
I know the name of the part I need, how can I find it?


Q: Can I search by part number?
A: Click the "Part Number Search" tab at the top of our page. Enter the part number then click "Search". Limit results by brand or part type using the drop-down lists (and then click "Search" again).

Other Vehicles

Q: Where are parts for a motorcycle or a boat?
A: Click the "Motorcycle" or "Marine" tab at the top of our page.
Where are parts for a motorcycle or a boat?


Q: Do you have parts for heavy trucks, lawnmowers, tractors or snowmobiles?
A: Yes - we can't search them by make and model, but you can use the "Part Number Search" tab if you know the part number. We also list lights, belts, hoses, and other parts in our "Tools & Universal Parts" tab by size.
Parts like, lights, belts, hoses, and other parts in our


Q: I see the part I want - is it in stock?
A: Everything shown in our catalog is in stock and is ready to ship unless marked "Non-stock item" or "Out of Stock".


Q: The part I want isn't listed - can you get it?
A: If you’ve found the correct year, make, model, and engine size of your vehicle, and the part you're looking for is not listed, we do not have it and don't know where to find it. However, we add parts to the catalog daily and are looking for suppliers of new products, so please check again soon.


Q: Can you send me a paper catalog?
A: Our online catalog is updated daily with new parts, pictures and other details. We do not have a paper catalog (it would be out-of-date before the ink was dry).


Choosing a Part

Understanding Descriptions

Q: Will all the parts listed fit my vehicle?
A: All parts listed fit the year/make/model/engine combination you chose.  But if there are limiting factors (like "RWD vs. 4WD", "2-door vs. 4-door", or "w/ A.C. vs. w/o A/C"), they will be listed in the description. Please read listings carefully to ensure they match your application.

The brake pads above fit the rear axle if your vehicle (a 2001 Acura Integra 1.8L) is a GS, GS-R, or LS Model. If you have the Type-R version, they would not fit. The correct part for the Type-R would be:

Don't worry if a feature of your vehicle is not listed. Manufacturers only list information relevant to their own parts.  But if a feature listed is not true of your vehicle (like when you see "GS, GS-R, LS" and your Integra is none of those; it's a Type R), please choose a different part.


Q: Does my vehicle have a feature listed in the part description?
A: You can verify your vehicle's features by:

  • Inspecting or measuring your original part
  • Looking for stickers in the engine compartment, on the door jamb, or inside the glove box, console or trunk
  • Using an online VIN search to decode the VIN number
  • Reviewing your owner's manual
  • Searching the Internet for forums where someone asked the same question; or posting a question yourself (the Owner Clubs link on our home page is a good place to start)
  • Contacting a local dealership with the VIN number (dealerships have access to VIN details that aren't shared with third-parties)

Q: What do the flags in the part description mean?
A: A flag indicates the market for which the part manufacturer has provided application data. Manufacturers often provide application data only for their local markets, so we do not know whether their parts also fit vehicles in other markets.

For example:

The blue EU flags mean Lemforder has told us their part fits cars sold in Europe. The flags on the Motorcraft part indicate it fits cars sold in US, Canada and Mexico. The parts may be identical and we'll ship any part to any customer. But the safest choice (and the one likely to cost less to ship) is the one with a flag for your market.

Flags refer to where the vehicle first was sold, not to where it was manufactured. If you own a BMW originally sold in the US, and you see a listing like the one above, you should choose the one with the US flag, not the EU flag, even if your car was produced in Germany.


Q: Does "left" mean "driver's side" or "passenger's side"?
A: The side is determined as if you are sitting in the vehicle.


Q: What quantity do I need?
A: Parts are priced individually, unless stated otherwise in the listing.
Parts are priced individually
The part above will fit the front left OR the front right. If you need both sides, order quantity = 2.

Brake Pads and Shoes are sold as axle sets. Quantity = 1 is enough for both wheels (front or rear, as noted in the catalog).


Q: Can I see only parts which meet my criteria?
A: The "Filter by Keyword" box can remove parts from the list. Type the word(s) you want to match and click search.

If the list still is too long, add another filter and click search again. To remove filters and see the full list again, click "Clear Filter".


Q: How can I see more parts on a small screen?
A: Click the gray arrow on the left side or top of the white catalog window to hide the purple top and yellow side bars. Or click expand catalog in the upper right corner of the catalog to expand the white area to fill your browser window.
Expand our catalog

Switch back to the framed catalog by clicking framed catalog on the expanded catalog.
Expand our catalog


Q: "Core"
A: A core charge is like a deposit -- you pay it when you place the order and it's refunded if you send back your old part.

Complete engine and transmission cores must be returned within 60 days. Other cores must be returned within six months of the date your order was placed.

Before returning a core you must:

  1. Obtain and follow return instructions from our Order Status & Returns page.
  2. Decide if the core deposit is worth the shipping cost - you are responsible for shipping the core back.
  3. Verify your core is complete, fits the same vehicle application and is returned in the box the remanufactured part came in. Your old part doesn’t have to be working (if it worked, you wouldn’t have replaced it) but you will not receive core credit if it is smashed, rusted solid, or otherwise unusable.

Q: "non-stock item - shipping delayed up to X business days"
A: Our warehouses do not have this part, but we can order it from the manufacturer. “X” indicates how many days may pass before the part will be shipped.


Q: "Private Label Pkg"
A: Manufacturers often make parts to be sold by others (Kenmore appliances, store-brand cereals, etc.). "Private Label Pkg" means the part may be in a plain white box, a distributor's box, or (for closeout parts) a box from a competing store. The features should be the same but the warranty (and the quality) may be different than for parts the manufacturer sells under its own brand.


Q: "Return and Rebuild Service (R&R)"
A: We don't have an already-rebuilt part to send you; you must send your old part to be rebuilt and then returned to you.

When you order an R&R part, we'll collect your payment and send you instructions by email explaining where to send your old part. You'll need to pay a carrier like UPS or FedEx to ship it to the manufacturer (see table below for locations). The cost of shipping it back to you is included in your order total. Core charges do not apply to R&R parts (if a core charge was applied to your order, it will be refunded when the R&R instructions are sent). If your old part cannot be remanufactured, it will be returned to you and the rebuild cost will be refunded, except for any testing/handling fee charged by the manufacturer (see table below).

Rebuild times vary depending on the part and company. These times do not include shipping time to and from the manufacturer:
Manufacturer Rebuild Times Testing/Handling Fee Locations
Alliance 1-2 business days $20 testing fee if unit tests good Dayton, OH
Autoline 6-13 business days No testing or handling fees Minneapolis, MN
Cardone 3-5 business days (Electronics may take 7-10 business days due to high volume) No testing or handling fees Pennsylvania or Texas depending on part type
Dorman 5-7 business days No testing or handling fees Colmar, PA
GB Reman 1-5 business days (diesel fuel injector pumps 2-4 weeks due to high volume) No testing or handling fees Long Beach, CA
Lares 3-5 business days No testing or handling fees Cambridge, MN


Q: "Sold in packs of x"
A: The price listed is for an individual item but they are sold in packages containing more than one. For example, this spark plug costs 99 cents each if purchased in packs of four, or can be ordered individually (pack of 1) for $1.18 each:
Sold in packs of x


Q: "Wholesaler Closeout"
A: Closeout parts are our "clearance rack."  They:

  • Are new (unless marked "remanufactured") but may be older inventory ("last year's style") and look different than our regular inventory of the same part (a different color, for example, with a grease fitting newer parts do not have, or lacking hardware which was sold separately in the past)
  • Were acquired at discounted prices from companies liquidating inventory (because they were overstocked, decided to carry a different brand, went out of business, etc.)
  • Are limited to quantity on hand and cannot be replaced with regular inventory at the same price

Our 30-day return policy applies to everything we sell, including "wholesaler closeout" items. However, because we buy many of these parts from wholesalers specializing in surplus, and not from manufacturers or their authorized distributors, the manufacturer will not honor warranty claims on closeout items. For most applications, our catalog offers other parts from our regular inventory, fully warranted, at regular price.


Q:"x per car" or "x required"
A: The manufacturer is advising how many of the part are present on the vehicle -- the part is sold individually.

Making Your Choice

Q: Which brand should I choose?
A: All the brands we carry will fit and function like the original. We offer multiple brands so you can choose the balance of price/quality/features/reputation you prefer. To help you decide:

  • Use the trucks or "Choose for Me to Minimize Costs" tool to find parts which can ship together, keeping your total cost low (see "Which parts costs least to ship?")
  • Consider other customers' preferences -- hearts Heart icon mark parts we sell most often for each application.
  • Click Info Button to learn more about a part's warranty and other details.
  • Ask a friend by printing or emailing the list of choices:
    How do I Print or Email

Q: Which part has the best quality?
A: Often, quality is a matter of brand reputation, prior experience, and personal preference. Some manufacturers offer a less expensive, lower quality option (Standard Motor Products "T-series", for example) in addition to their OE-quality lines. These parts often say "value line," "price-conscious" or similar terms in the description or on the “Info” page. Others offer products which are better than original (Power Stop Drilled & Slotted Rotors, for example). Click Info Button to learn about these features and decide whether you want them.

When there are many parts with clear quality differences, our catalog divides them by quality ("Economy", "Daily Driver", "High Performance", or "Copper", "Platinum", "Iridium"). Hide categories by clicking on the down arrow next to the title:


Q: Which parts cost least to ship?
A: We sell over a million different parts and a single warehouse cannot hold them all. If you choose parts which are not stocked in the same place, carriers will charge for two boxes. Truck icons indicate parts which can ship with those already in your cart.
Truck icons indicate parts which can ship with those already in your cart

Q: Choose for Me to Minimize CostA:The "Choose for Me to Minimize Cost" feature automatically compares alternatives you select, to find the lowest total cost including shipping. This video explains how:


Q: What do other people in my situation do?
A: Parts ordered most frequently for an application (with fewest returns) have a Heart icon in the description.
What do the red hearts mean?


Q: Tell me more about a part's warranty, specifications, or manufacturer.
A: Click Info Button next to a part number:
Info page button

A page like this one will appear in a separate window (so you can compare parts in different windows) with all the details we have about that part (pictures, warranty summary, specifications, and sometimes videos describing installation or manufacturing processes). Manufacturer logos link to their websites for additional information about the company:
Click the &quotInfo" button


Q: Can I print a list of parts?
A: Click Printer Icon. The content to be printed will appear in a separate window along with your printer's dialog box.
How do I print


Q: Can I send the list of parts to someone else?
A: Click Email this list to a freind to send the list to an email address you enter.
How do I Email
We don’t save email addresses; we include yours in the message so your friends can reply to you.


Q: Why is there such a wide range of prices between brands?
A: Manufacturers set prices differently. More expensive parts often perform better or last longer ("you get what you pay for"). Sometimes a higher price also covers the cost of marketing a famous brand, or a manufacturer's decision to buy a part from another company (and mark up the price) instead of making it himself. We offer multiple brands so you can choose the balance of price/quality/features/reputation you prefer.


Q: Why are your prices lower than at local stores?
A: The parts we sell are the same first-quality products you’d find in any reputable store. Our prices are lower because our costs are lower. RockAuto customers choose their own parts using our online catalog. We ship directly to them from centralized warehouses (sometimes directly from manufacturers). We have no retail stores, no counter-people and don't have a lot of money tied up in slow-moving inventory. We pass on those savings with lower prices!


Q: Do you offer discounts for large orders?
A: No, but we have a discount program for repeat customers. You'll receive a discount code by email about a month after you place your order.


Q: Can I see prices in my country's currency?
A: Yes -- select the currency you’d like to use from the drop-down list at the top of the catalog:
My country's currency

Prices are based on interbank exchange rates updated each morning.

We accept electronic payments in US dollars, Canadian dollars, euro, and British pounds. We also accept paper checks in US dollars and Canadian dollars. Credit card companies and PayPal always process transactions in US Dollars, and may use a different exchange rate than ours or add fees for international transactions (so your local-currency total on our website may be slightly different than on your credit card statement).

Placing an Order

How do I...

Q: ...change quantities?
A: Click in the "Quantity" box next to the part you want to change, enter the quantity you need, then click refresh or press "Enter".


Q: ...delete parts from my cart?
A: Click deletenext to the part.
delete part


Q: ...go back to the catalog to find another part?
A: Click at the bottom left of the cart
continue shopping

Or, navigate back and forth between the catalog and your cart using the tabs at the top of the page.
tabs at the top


Q: ...show my cart to my friend or mechanic?
A: Click print or email at the top of the cart, and your shopping cart will appear in a separate window that you can print using your browser's print function.
share cart

Or, click Email this cart to a freind. Type your email address, your name, a message, and your friends’ email addresses, then click "Send Email". Your friends will receive an email from our server, with a link that will open a copy of your shopping cart on our website. We don’t save email addresses; we include yours in the message so your friends can reply to you and not us.
share cart via email


Q: ...work on more than one cart at a time?
A: Click open new cart at the top right of the page to open a new cart. Your previous cart will be saved in the "Available Carts" drop-down list. Its name will be the date/time you created it.
You may assign a new name by selecting it from the list and clicking new cart name.
Delete a cart by selecting it and clickingdelete cart.
more than one cart


Q: ...see my cart on another computer?
A: First, log into your account (see “How do I log into my account?”). Then, carts will be tied to your account and you can view them from any other computer on which you log into your account.


Q: Do you ship to my location?
A: We ship all over the world, including APO and PO Boxes. To see shipping options for your location, add parts to the cart, then select your country and enter your postal code (zip code).


Q: What shipping methods do you offer?
A: We use several small-package carriers (FedEx, DHL, etc.) as well as mail and truck freight. Economy and expedited methods are available to most destinations.


Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: See shipping costs, before you’ve entered any personal or payment information, by adding parts to the cart, selecting your country and entering your postal code (zip code).
shipping cost

Shipping costs reflect the size and weight of the parts, your location, and current carrier rates (including discounts we receive as a high-volume shipper). To minimize shipping costs, choose parts that can ship from the same location – see" Which parts cost least to ship?"


Q: Do you offer free shipping?
A: Shipping is never free – carriers must be paid for their work. Actual shipping costs vary widely depending on what you buy and where you are. "Free shipping" means higher prices to cover the average shipping cost – and using profits from some orders to offset losses on others.

We think it makes more sense to set prices low and show what it really costs to bring your order to you, passing on the cost and savings from decisions you make. To minimize shipping costs, choose parts that can ship from the same location – see "Which parts cost least to ship?"


Q: Will my order ship today?
A: Orders placed before noon usually ship the same day (unless a delay is noted in the catalog for a part you chose). But please allow one full business day to process your order since unexpected delays can occur. Business days are Monday through Friday; orders placed on weekends should ship no later than Tuesday.


Q: When can I expect delivery?
A: To see estimated delivery times, add parts to the cart, then select your country and enter your postal code (zip code).
when should I expect
Transit times and "Receive by" dates shown are estimates by the carrier and, while usually accurate, are not guaranteed by RockAuto.


Q: Will I have to sign for my package?
A: For most packages, your signature is not required. The carrier may require a signature if the driver thinks leaving the package unattended may not be safe.

For parts that are shipped by truck freight (large body parts, for example), a signature is required. The carrier will contact you at the phone number provided on the order to schedule a delivery. You must completely unwrap and examine these parts for any damage before signing. If there are damaged parts, DO NOT SIGN for the package - REFUSE it, then report the problem on the Order Status & Returns page.


Q: What does "Shipping Location A/B/C…" mean?
A: The parts in your shopping cart are not all stocked at the same location. Arbitrary letters A B C trucks indicate which parts can ship together. If you choose parts that are not stocked in the same place, carriers will charge for two boxes. To find parts that can ship together, see "Which parts cost least to ship?"


Q: What does "May take up to X days to ship due to Destination Address" mean?
A: A part you chose must be transferred to a location which can ship to you, which takes X days. You may see this message if your shipping address is a post office box (some warehouses don’t ship mail) or you are in a different country (some warehouses can’t ship internationally). Choosing a different part and/or a shipping address where FedEx can deliver may eliminate this delay.

Address and Contact Info

Q: I’ve ordered before, do I have to type my address again?
A: Enter your email address and either the order number or postal code (zip code) from a past order, click "Remember Me," and your address information will appear. For your security, we do not store credit card numbers.
remember me


Q: Can I ship parts to someone else?
A: Yes, uncheck the "Shipping Address" box at the top right of the check out screen.
ship to someone
You may enter any shipping address you like, but the billing address on the order must match your credit card company’s records.


Q: Why do you need my email address & phone number?
A: We send your order confirmation and shipment notification (with tracking numbers) to your email address. We use your phone number to contact you if there is a problem processing your order or if the carrier needs to reach you regarding the delivery of your package.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?
Payment Methods
A: We offer multiple payment options, including:

  • Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal. (These companies pay us in US dollars. If your account is in another currency, they will make the exchange and may charge you a fee)
  • Paper checks (US or Canadian dollars)
  • Canadian customers of the Bank of Montreal, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank, and TD may use their bank’s online “Bill Pay” service
  • Interbank (wire) transfers (US dollars, British pounds or euro)
  • Cash (at Wells Fargo branches in the US and BMO offices in Canada)

After your billing address country is selected, see available payment methods by clicking the payment drop-down on the checkout screen.
choose payment

We do not accept COD orders.


Q: How do I use my Store Credit?
A: Select "Gift Certificate or Store Credit" from the Payment drop-down, enter your code in the "Card #" field, and click "Add Payment". If there is an additional amount due on the order, you will be prompted to enter another payment method for the balance.


Q: Can I use multiple payment methods on one order?
A: Yes (up to four, not counting Gift Certificates/Store Credits). Check the "Split Payment" box, select your first payment method, enter its information and the amount you wish to be applied to it, and click "Add Payment". Then repeat to specify other payment method(s) for the remaining balance.

Your payments will be shown in the "Payments" section. Click remove next to a method if you decide not to use it.

To specify a payment method for the remaining balance (shown in the “Amount” box), choose the method, enter in any necessary information, and click "Place Order".


Q: How do I use a discount code?
A: Enter your discount code in the "How did you hear about us" box without any other numbers or characters. Discounts are not valid on phone orders and cannot be applied after an order has shipped.
how hear


Q: What's a "Security Code"?
A: For a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover, the security code is the last three digits printed on the signature panel on the back of your card.
MC & Visa code
For American Express, it is the four digits printed on the front of the card, above the account number.
Amex code

Enter this code in the "Security Code" box:
security code


Q: What are Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode?
A: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are fraud prevention services provided by credit card issuers. If your bank participates, you may see a message after clicking place order.

If you previously enrolled in your bank’s program, the message will ask you to enter your password. You must complete this step to complete checkout.

If you are not enrolled, the message will invite you to activate the service. You may do so (answering whatever questions the bank asks), or choose "Activate Later." Your order will process normally in either case.

RockAuto does not see any information you enter in response to these messages – it is transmitted directly to your bank. For more information, visit Verified by Visa Info and MasterCard SecureCode Info.


Q: Will I need to pay duty or tax when my package is delivered?
A: If tax is identified by name (GST/HST in Canada, VAT in the EU, etc.) on your order, we will pre-pay it (and any applicable import duties) for the package to which it applies . The carrier will deliver that package with no additional charges. Our tax ID will appear on your order confirmation so you may reclaim input tax if you resell the product, and we will refund the tax if you return the product (import duty cannot be refunded).
duty tax

If we are not tax-registered in your country, we offer a "Pre-Pay Customs Charges" option when possible – you pay us, we pay the carrier, the carrier pays the customs authorities and delivers your package with no additional charges. Check this box and duties and taxes will be added to the order:
duty tax
The "Pre-Pay" option is offered as a convenience to international consumers, but no tax ID will appear on our invoice so you won’t be able to claim what you paid us as "input tax" (nor will it be refunded if you return your purchase). Business customers may prefer not to pre-pay tax and to pay the carrier instead (since the carrier’s invoice will contain a local tax ID to support "input tax" claims). Enter your tax ID number and we’ll pass it to the carrier to help ensure proper credit for taxes they collect from you. Carriers may charge additional "advancement fees" to handle these payments.
duty tax

If no "pre-pay" option appears for part of your order, please contact the carrier or your local customs office before placing an order to ask what charges may apply.

If your order involves several packages, some shipped with carriers who allow duty/tax prepayment (e.g. FedEx) and others shipped with carriers who don't (e.g. Mail), we will pre-pay the former for the packages they deliver but you may be asked to pay charges at delivery by the latter.


Q: What if I'm tax exempt?
A: If tax appears on your order that is not an "input tax" you can reclaim, check the "tax exempt" box on our check-out page:
duty tax

Your order will process but will not ship until you provide us documentation of your tax-exempt status. A link to the relevant form will appear on your confirmation for you to complete (unless we already have one from a recent order you placed).


Existing Orders

Order Status

Q: How can I print an order confirmation?
A: You'll get a confirmation email when your order is placed that you can print. You'll also see a confirmation web page which you can print from your browser immediately after placing your order.


Q: How can I track the status of my order, request changes to my order, and return parts (including cores) if necessary?
A: You can do all this from the Order Status & Returns page:

The Processing section will show you the items in your order that have not been shipped. You can also request an item be reduced in quantity or canceled here.
The Processing section

The Action Required section gives you the ability to modify an order if a part is out of stock.
The Action Required section

The Shipped section displays all tracking information. If a shipped item can be returned, a "Return" button will be available for that item.
The Shipped section

The Returns section is where you can view the items you have selected to return (including cores) and obtain specific return instructions for each item.
The Returns section


Q: What is the warranty on my part?
A: Please visit our Warranty policy page for more information.

I'm worried because...

Q:...you charged me twice!
A: Like every mail-order retailer, when you place an order we ask your bank's permission to charge your card. Your bank may place funds "on hold" in response to our authorization request. If your order will not ship, we notify your bank that we will not use the authorization. It is your bank's responsibility to remove this "hold." We don't actually charge your card or collect money from your bank until your order ships.

The only time we may charge your card before all items on your order have shipped is if you pay with a Visa or Mastercard and your order needs to remain open longer than 2 days. This is because Visa and MasterCard require us to charge or void transactions within a certain number of days. If your order or any parts on the order are canceled later, we will automatically refund the difference to your card.


Q: ...not all the parts came in the box!
A: Orders may ship from multiple warehouses, so parts may come in separate boxes.


Q: ...the part I received looks like it was made by a different company.
A: Manufacturers sometimes buy parts from other companies to save the cost of tooling and/or to supplement inventory between production runs. They sometimes sell the same parts under different brands. And they sometimes make minor design changes which do not affect performance (such as using a different color of plastic on a PCV valve or different color paint on a shock absorber). As a retailer, we have no control over those decisions. If the part you received is in Company A's box, we bought it from A, we paid A's price for it, it meets A's specifications and it is covered by A's warranty. If you choose to return it because you disagree with Company A's aesthetic or make-versus-buy decisions, shipping is not refundable and, if you re-order it, you probably will receive the same item (unless Company A made another design or sourcing change in the meantime).

Arranging a Return

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Everything we sell is returnable for full part cost credit within 30 days (except parts which have been installed, painted, modified, or returned without their original packaging and certain special order / discontinued items identified in our catalog as "No Return"). If you decide you don't need a part, we don't mind taking it back, but, we can't recover shipping costs. For most returns, you have the option of generating a discounted FedEx return label from the Order Status & Returns page (with shipping costs deducted from your refund). Please follow this link for more information about our return policy.


Q: Does return shipping cost more?
A: Returns are easy! You can print a return label at home, using our Order Status & Returns page and just drop off the package anywhere there's a FedEx pickup location. If you just decided not to use the part, you'll pay only our discounted FedEx rates (this service is available to customers worldwide, as long as your order was shipped and billed to addresses in the same country).


Q: I recently returned an item, when will I receive a refund?
A: Refunds typically take up to three business days to be issued. Refunds will be issued in the same form as the original payment (e.g., if we received a payment by credit card, then we will issue a refund to that same credit card). Payments excepted from this policy include wire transfers, EFTs (electronic funds transfers), or any other cash payment for which we cannot issue refunds in kind. In these cases, a refund will be issued with a store credit or a US/Canadian dollar check. Once a refund has been issued, we send a confirmation by email. Providing us with a return tracking number will ensure a faster refund time. If you entered the return tracking information into the Order Status & Returns page, you do NOT need to email us, as we will already have the tracking information on file.




Q: Am I required to create an account before placing an order?
A: No! Accounts are an optional feature to help you keep track of your order history and to make shopping for parts for your cars even easier.


Q: What are the benefits of creating an account?
A: With a RockAuto Account, you can take advantage of the following features:

On the Order History and Account Settings page: View order history, search order history (By any combination of the following criteria: Car, Part Category, Part Number. Filtering by car will reduce the list of part categories to just those that were ordered for the selected car, to help you drill down to a specific set of orders.

Order List

Maintain a list of your cars so you can select one from a list to jump to that car in our catalog listings

Car List

Maintain a list of your addresses so you can select one from a list on the checkout page to simplify the checkout process

Address List

How do I...

Q: ...create an account?
A: To create an account: Click the "Log In or Create Account" link in the upper-right portion of any screen on our site

Login Link

You will receive an email to confirm that you are the owner of the entered email address and that you wish to create a new account. Please click the link in the email or copy & paste the link into your browser's address bar.

Once your account is confirmed, you will receive your new password in another email. See "How do I log into my account" below for instructions on how to log in.


Q: ...log into my account?
A: To log into your account:

Click the "Log In or Create Account" link in the upper-right portion of any screen on our site

Login Link

Enter your email address and password, then press the "Log In" button. If you wish to remain signed in for up to 14 days on this PC, check the "Keep me Signed In" box.

Login Process

Once you are logged in, the link at the upper-right will say, "Welcome <Your Email Address>" followed by a "My Account" and a "Log Out" link

Logged In Link


Q: ...reset my password if I've forgotten it?
A: To reset your password: Click the "Log In or Create Account" link in the upper-right portion of any screen on our site

Login Link

Enter your email address and press the "Forgot Password" button

Forgot Password

You will receive an email to confirm that you are the owner of the entered email address and that you wish to reset your password. Please click the link in the email or copy & paste the link into your browser's address bar.

Once your email address is confirmed, you will receive your new password in another email.


Q: ...change my password?
A: To reset your password: Log in to your account
Under Account Settings, enter the new password you would like to use, in both the "New Password" and the "Confirm New Password" fields and click "Submit" to the right of the fields

Change Password


Q: ...associate past orders with my account, even if I used a different email address?
A: Yes! If you have an order number and know the email address that was used in the billing address information, you can add past orders to your new account's order history: Log in to your account

Under Account Settings, enter the Order Number and the Billing Email Address from one of your past orders and click "Submit" to the right of the fields
Associate Orders

The system will attempt to find an order matching the entered values. It also attempts to find other orders that were placed using the same billing address information, so it may add more than one order to your order history list.


Q: ...change the email address I use to log into my account?
A: To change your email address: Log in to your account

Under Account Settings, enter the new email address you would like to use in the "New Email Address" field and click "Submit" to the right of the field

Change Email

You will receive an email at both the original and the new email addresses to confirm that you are the owner of the entered email address and that you wish to change your email address. Please click the link in the email or copy & paste the link into your browser's address bar.


Q: ...subscribe to or unsubscribe from the RockAuto Newsletter and Discount Emails in my account settings?
A: Yes, you can turn these emails on or off using the "Receive RockAuto Newsletter and Discount Emails" checkbox: Log in to your account

Under Account Settings, check or uncheck the box next to "Receive RockAuto Newsletter and Discount Emails?" and click "Submit" to the right of the checkbox

Email Settings


Q: ...specify the language in which I wish to receive RockAuto Newsletter and Discount Codes?
A: Yes, you can choose a language using the "Preferred Language for Newsletter and Discount Emails" dropdown: Log in to your account

Under Account Settings, select a language next to "Preferred Language for Newsletter and Discount Emails" and click "Submit" to the right of the checkbox

Preferred Language


Q: ...add or remove an entry in my car list?
A: Cars will automatically be added to your car list when you place an order for that car. You can also add cars directly to your list without placing an order: While logged into your account, browse to the car in the Part Catalog tree

Browse To Car

Click Save to the right of the engine description to add the car to your list

Email Settings

This icon will save cars to your account only if you are logged in. When not logged in, Save will still appear, to provide a link that can be used to get back to the car in the catalog.< Cars can be removed from the list by clicking the Red X next to the car you wish to remove in the catalog cars dropdown.

Remove Car


Q: ...add or remove an entry in my address list?
A: Addresses will automatically be added to your address list when you place an order with a new Billing and/or Shipping address.

Addresses can be removed from the list by clicking the Red X next to the address you wish to remove in the address dropdown on the order checkout page

Remove Address

Addresses can be renamed to help you easily identify addresses in your own list by clicking the Pencil next to the address you wish to rename in the address dropdown on the order checkout page

Rename Address

Enter the new name and press the "OK" button