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November Newsletter  ::  Early Edition

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Another Happy Customer!

Hello There,

I purchased a crankshaft position sensor from RockAuto last week and I just wanted to say thank you very much for the speedy service. I ordered the part on Tuesday afternoon over the Internet and it arrived on Thursday. I was so surprised to receive it all the way in Thunder Bay, Ontario so quickly!

I was also happy to save money as it would have cost more locally. I will definitely order more parts from RockAuto and will be telling all my friends.

Thanks again,


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2008 Horsepower Classic Car Show
Lafayette, La

Vintage Motors Open House & Toy Drive
La Habra, CA

Jingle Bugs Rock Event
Clermont, FL



Bendix parts

Bendix brake parts are now available at RockAuto. Whatever you drive, Domestic, Import, SUV, or Fleet vehicle, Bendix has the parts for it. Bendix products are developed specifically to meet the exact requirements of both the vehicle and the type of operation it is subjected to.

Find these parts and more in the "Brake/Wheel Hub" category of the RockAuto catalog.

Q: How do I properly diagnose brake noises?
A: Define the "source" and conditions from where noise occurs. Excessive noise can indicate potential brake system problems such as lining wear limit. Noises such as squeaks, squeals, grinds and growls are related to brake hardware needing replacement and proper rotor finishing and break in. Operation of ABS and its related component noise such as clicks, motor/pump cycling and pulsing are normal.



Forum of the month started as a e-mail list in 2001 to help people who had questions about modifying their Ford Aspire. We are now the biggest Ford Aspire forum and website on the Internet. Since 2003, our forums have attracted an international audience. Not only do we have United States owners, but owners of the similar Kia Avella and the second generation Ford Festiva have also joined us. Their enthusiasm for the little car is astonishing. Many take this economy car to the next level with their creativity.

Our forums help people find repair information, collectively troubleshoot problems, and show off their cars. It doesn't matter if your car is a daily driver or a show winner, you are welcome in the forums.

If you are the administrator or member of a forum and you would like to see your website featured in an upcoming newsletter and receive a discount code to share with your members, contact



Repair mistakes & blunders


This happened many years ago but I will always remember it. As my son grew up he would always be nearby whenever I was working on anything. One day I was working on our car and my son was four at the time. I put him in the car while I was working thinking it would be easier to watch him. That was a mistake. I was working under the hood with the engine running when suddenly I heard click, click, click and the engine rev. It didn't take me long to realize my mistake and get out from in front of the car. Thankfully I was in the habit of setting the parking brake. That saved us from what could have been a terrible accident. I never made the mistake of putting my son in the car again while working on it. At least not before he was much older and could safely help.

Ed in Kentucky



Are you transmission savvy?


How long should an automatic transmission last? At least as long as the vehicle it's in, with proper use and care. What's meant by proper use and care? Allow us to answer a question with a question. First, how often do you change your transmission fluid and filter? Second, are you aware of what causes premature wear on an automatic transmission?

You should change your transmission fluid and filter every 24,000 miles or as recommended in the owner's manual. More frequent service is required if you tow a trailer or demand other severe services from your vehicle. If you tow trailer, remember that most automatic transmissions derive their cooling from the engine's cooling system. The additional heat generated by towing could cause breakdown of the fluid and damage to components. An auxiliary cooler adds to the system's capacity to dissipate abnormal heat, helping to keep transmission temperature within safe range.

Low fluid level or contaminated fluid often cause premature wear. Transmission fluid not only is the medium for transmitting power to the wheels; it also lubricates and cools the transmission. Fluid that has become discolored or smells burned should be drained and fresh fluid and new filter installed.

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Brandon's 1971 Continental
Brandon's 1971 Continental

This is my 1971 Continental Mark III. I have owned it for 23 years and drive it most days here in Sydney, Australia.

In all my years of owning classic American autos and buying parts, I have never found a supplier to match the combination of product range, pricing, and fast and efficient service like RockAuto.



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