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Another Happy Customer!

I very much appreciate your service, your competitive prices, and mostly for putting a smile on my daughter's face. She literally could not see driving at night before replacing the headlight covers. I bought various products in an attempt to clean them, but made it worse.

Your website was the one I could trust as being a legitimate site, your prices beat the competitors, and of course the dealers. So thank you very much for offering a Honda original part at an affordable price. You guys are the best. I will definitely use your site again.

Les in Maryland


Upcoming Events
If you would like your event featured here, email us with details.

Harvest Moon Festival & Classic Car Show
Forsyth, MO

Corvettes & Classics
Leonardtown, MD

4th Annual Better L8 Than Never Car Show
Bristol, VT

7th Annual South Shore YMCA Classic Car Show
Cudahy, WI

1st Annual Banks County USA Wrestling Team Car Show
Homer, GA

Shop with a Cop Car, Truck, & Motorcycle Show
Salem, IN

Dominick Tennies Memorial Car Show
Montvale, VA

Gentry Fire Department Show Your Ride
Gentry, AR

Coal Miner's Heritage Festival & Car Show
Bridgeport, TX

Apple Classic Auto Show
Ellijay, GA

Rods, Rides, & Racers Cruzin4Wishes
Santa Margarita, CA

Fall Auto Show
Orlando, FL

3rd Annual Rock & Roll Car Show
Greenwood, IN

Skippack Village International Car Show
Skippack, PA

Bearly Cruzin Car & Bike Show
Tempe, AZ


New Rebates at RockAuto
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DYNOMAX Performance Exhaust
$30 Rebate

Monroe Brake Pads
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Monroe/Rancho Shocks & Struts
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FREE Rancho MyRide Wireless Remote Control

Wagner "The Best for Less" Brake Pad Rebate
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Walker Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters
$30 Rebate



Forum of the Month


As a community, the PontiacBonnevilleClub has existed for over six years. We recently moved to a new home, catylizing yet another major growth and activity spurt. The original club was founded in 2002 by Jeff Keacher and is currently owned by Gordon Jacques of Minnesota. Previously a forum of over 10,000 members, our new home has drawn nearly 1000 members in only the first 90 days.

Our forum supports much more than just the Pontiac Bonneville as many other similar "platform" models have no dedicated forum support. We draw nearly every vehicle with the 3800 drivetrain across all the GM lines including Buick, Oldsmobile, and Chevrolet. We primarily focus on GM front-wheel-drive 3800 and 3800 supercharged models, with growing support for the Northstar engines.

Our forum's success has drawn the attention of GM on several occasions, including an article published in Pontiac Performance magazine in the Fall of 2004. Much of this success is credited to a dedicated Staff of Recognized Gearheads with an impressive list of credentials. These Gearheads assist with all mechanical problems and upgrades, combining their years of knowledge to form a very valuable team. Our Techinfo section, primarily authored by our Gearheads, is the crown jewel of our forum; a comprehensive technical library boasting dozens of articles on specifications, repairs, common issues, and resolutions.

Our sense of community and respect is proven year after year in four large Regional and National meets, which include not only time under the hood, but memorable track events as well. Some of these meets draw members from thousands of miles away. The reason for this is not only because members share a common interest; members form bonds of friendship that are not weakened with distance or time. Random acts of kindness amongst members is the norm, not the exception.


If you are the administrator or member of a forum and you would like to see your website featured in an upcoming newsletter and receive a discount code to share with your members, contact



Repair Mistakes & Blunders


I was the proud new owner of a 1979 Porsche 928 that purred like a kitten when the auto shipper delivered her. Like any new owner, I noticed the plugs looked pretty tired so I decided to do an old-fashioned plugs-points-condenser-rotor-and-cap tune up. My buddy helped and we laughed and chatted as I went from item to item. I got in the car to start her up and hear the impressive improvement in her purr following our tune-up, and all I got was the churn-churn-churn of the starter. She wouldn’t turn over.

I checked the spark where the coil meets the distributor – perfect. I checked this, that, and everything else. It was then that we noticed I hadn’t checked the spark at the spark plugs…we discovered the new rotor on the floor where it had fallen before I was able to replace it! I put the rotor in and the engine roared to life!

Tim in Illinois



Customer Tech Tip


The following tip is from a RockAuto customer. To find and share more tech tips, visit the RockAuto Part Advice Wiki.

I have a 1987 Olds Cutlass Supreme with a 5.0 liter engine and an OBD-I control computer, something shared by many GM cars of that vintage. The car started to slow down at idle speed and either stall, or the computer went "open loop" and the idle speed returned to normal, in which case the computer went "closed loop" and the process started all over again. The cause of this was a real "Rube Goldberg" setup, as follows: The lowest oil return hole in the valve rocker compartment is 1/4" higher than the lowest point on the head-to-valve-cover seal, so there is standing oil against this seal. The car is sufficiently old that this seal started to leak. When the car is shut off, oil leaks out of this seal and runs down the outside of the engine. Some of it gets onto the outside of the oxygen sensor. When the car is started, because of this oil the computer thinks the mixture is too lean, and enriches it until the engine is putting out lots of oily carbon, which coats the inside of the oxygen sensor.

Meanwhile, the oxygen sensor gets hot and evaporates the oil on the outside, so the outside returns to normal. The carbon on the inside makes the computer think the mixture is too rich, so it proceeds to make it leaner and leaner, which is what was causing the idle speed to drop and the engine to stall if the computer didn't go "open loop". Using a propane torch to burn off the carbon layer on the oxygen sensor, plus re-sealing the valve cover on the side with the sensor, made the problem completely disappear.

Ron in Virginia



Colombian '78 Dodge Dart
Colombian '78 Dodge Dart

Dear Sirs,

This is my Colombian '78 Dodge Dart (American market Dodge Aspen) assembled in Bogotá, D.C. by Colmotores (Chrysler Corp). It is a 100% original, one owner car, with 93,000 miles, 225 CID (3.7 L) slant six, 1 bbl carburetor, coupled to a 3 speed manual transmission. The engine is mechanically perfect and has never been touched.

Thank you RockAuto Customer Service for your time, help, and support during the purchasing process. Thanks to you I am enjoying my new original carpet in my car.

Current and future customer totally satisfied!

Sincerely Yours,
Carlos in Colombia

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