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Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology and quality control ensure that Spectra Premium Radiators meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment they replace. That extends to all components, including engine and transmission oil coolers.
  • OE design to ensure exact fit, form and function for an easy drop-in installation
  • Built with high density multi-louvered fins for maximum cooling efficiency
  • Every radiator is subjected to an aging and endurance test in order to validate its performance under extreme weather conditions
  • Engineered to stringent tolerances designed by our in house engineering team who have in-dept knowledge of the OE part it’s designed to replace
  • Gasket and orings are thermal shocked to ensure durability in extreme cold weather
  • Installation guidelines provided in the box
  • Premium OE hardware and fittings included in every box
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plants

Note: This radiator has been designed to accommodate both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. There is no need to make modifications to your vehicle if it does not use the oil cooler. The oil cooler is a sealed unit and there is no direct contact with the radiator coolant, therefore no leaks will occur if left unplugged.

Preparing to Replace Your Radiator

Row No1
Core Height18 3/4"
Core Width27 1/8"
Core Depth1 1/4"
Inlet Header2 1/8" X 27 1/4"
Outlet Header2 1/8" X 27 1/4"
Inlet1 1/2"
Outlet1 3/4"
Engine Oil CoolerNone
Transmission Oil Cooler14 1/4" (Concentric)
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 3781733, 3781736, 3781737, 3781738, 3869933, 3869936, 3869941, 4016735, 4016765, 4016767, 4016771, 4016775, 4016777, 4016935, 4016936, 4016941, 4016942, 4088472, 4088473, 4089473, 4089582, 4089733, 4117058, 4140163, 4140165, 4140167, 4140173, 4140273, 4140275, 4140277, 4140621, 4140623, 4140671, 4140672, 4140674, 4140676, 4140677, 4140977, 4140978, 4164149, 4164152, 4401061, 4401452, 4401458, 4401729, 4401730, 4401731, 52028627, 52028627AB, 52029115, 52029116, 52029117, 52029628, 52029628AB, 52029628AC, 52029630, 52029630AB, 52029630AC

Radiators and condensers - 24 month. Compressors, evaporator cores, heater cores, fuel tank filler necks, sending units, and refrigerant hoses - 12 months. Fuel tanks, fuel tank straps, and oil pans - three years. Fuel Tank Assemblies - Part numbers ending in "FA" 24 months. Ending in "FI" 12 months. Fuel pumps, fuel pump assemblies, and fuel strainers - Limited Lifetime. IMPORTANT A/C COMPRESSOR WARRANTY NOTE: In order to ensure that proper warranty credit is issued if needed, the compressor installation instructions must be adhered to. All compressors returned for defect must show proof of purchase of an Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve, Drier, and A/C System Flush or a Work Order showing the purchase of these items and that the system was flushed.