2002 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 Idler Pulley - RockAuto.Com 2002 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 Idler Pulley®
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2011 Toyota Highlander Tie Rod End

Parts Store Part Brand Price
RockAuto Moog $30.89
Advance Moog $52.99
NAPA NAPA $53.10
O’Reilly MasterPro $54.99
AutoZone Duralast $58.99
(Regular Prices as of 4/13/2015)
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2002 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 5.3L V8 : Belt Drive : Idler Pulley  PriceAdd to Cart
DORMAN Part # 419602 More Info {#10067479, 10141997, 12552361, 12564505, 12564510, 12580771, 12580773, 15662645, 1L2Z8678AB, 22521201, 25527750, 2F2Z6C348AC, 4536173, 4792112, 4792112AD, 4792112AE, 4792410AC, 4792410AD, 53002905, 6L2Z6C348A, E9SZ8678A, F5RZ6C348B, F7CZ6C348AA, XS4Z6B209AA, XW4Z6B209AA, YS4Z8678BB} O.D.: 90; Width (mm); 30; Material: Steel; Type: Profiled  One of our most popular parts
Smooth Pulley
DAYCO Part # 89006 More Info {#231081, 89006FN} Import Line Designed for Foreign Nameplate Vehicles; 90mm x 17mm Flat Steel, 30mm wide
See Options at Left
HAYDEN Part # 5975 More Info Pulley
Serpentine Belt Drive
FOUR SEASONS Part # 45975 More Info Pulley
Serpentine Belt Drive
GATES Part # 38001 More Info {#231081, 89006} DriveAlign Premium OE Pulley; Steel Smooth/Backside (90mm x 17mm x 30.5mm)  One of our most popular parts
CONTINENTAL/GOODYEAR Part # 49001 More Info Smooth Pulley; Belt Type: 6 rib Poly-V, Smooth; Non-Flanged; Steel; pulley Width: 30.1mm; Bearing ID: 17mm; Bearing OD: 90mm
Accessory Drive Idler Assembly
ACDELCO Part # 38001 More Info {#88909582} Professional; Steel Smooth/Backside (90mm x 17mm x 30.5mm)
ACDELCO Part # 12580771 More Info GM Original Equipment
SMOOTH, CODE 5609, 0771