1994 MAZDA PROTEGE Fuel Pump
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1994 MAZDA PROTEGE 1.8L L4 SOHC : Fuel/Air : Fuel Pump  PriceAdd to Cart
Economy Pump
AUTOBEST F4230 In Tank Electric Fuel Pump More Info   One of our most popular parts
Strainer required to validate the warranty: F255S
PRECISE 402P8229 Electric More Info
PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC P25K Fuel Pump and Strainer Kit More Info   One of our most popular parts
Models w/ 1-1/2 Diameter Fuel Pump. Universal connector (included) may be required for installation. Universal strainer included. Some vehicle applications may require an OEM design strainer for proper fit.; Base Model
TYC 152014 {#17040S84A02} More Info
RETECH AFS0427P Electric Fuel Pump More Info (Only 4 Remaining)
TYC 151010G {#B6BF13350} Original Equipment Source More Info
Includes Strainer
Standard Replacement Pump
SPECTRA PREMIUM / COOLING DEPOT SP1118 {#0K01A13350B, 0K01D1335Z, 0K24C1335ZA, 0K29T13357, 0K29T1335ZA, 1510050G00, 1510050G10, 1510058601, 1510058800, 1510058810, 1510060G00, 1510060G20, 1510060G21, 1510061A1V, 1510061AA0, 1510061AA1, 1510065002, 1510065032, 1510065D12, 1510065D22, 1510065D70, 1510077E00, 1511050G00, 1511050GT0, 1511054G00, 1511054G10, 1511060GT0, 170403S500, 170403S505, 170403S510, 17040517100, 1704055105, 170405S105, 170408B000, 170408B005, 17040S01A30, 17040S01A31, 17040S01A40, 17040S02101, 17040S02L00, 17040S02L01, 17040S04G30, 17040S04G31, 17040S04G40, 17040S04G41, 17040S04L00, 17040S04L01, 17040S10100, 17040S10A00, 17040S10C01, 17040S10C10, 17040S5A930, 17040S5B930, 17040S6M930, 17040S84A01, 17040S84A02, 17040SR1A30, 17040SR1A31, 17040SR2A33, 17040SR2A50, 17040SR2A51, 17040SS8A00, 17040SS8A02, 17040ST7101, 17040ST7L31, 17040SV1100, 17040SV1A30, 17040SV1A31, 17040SV1A32, 17040SV1L01, 17040SV1L02, 17040SV4A30, 17040SW5A30, 17040SW5A31, 17040SW5A32, 17040SX0A32, 17040SY8A01, 1704202000, 170420M023, 170420W000, 170420W005, 170421W210, 170422B500, 1704231U00, 1704231U08, 170424B000, 170427J100, 1770ASR0A000, 30010245, 30013078, 30014333, 30018726, 30018727, 30019572, 30024592, 30024593, 30026422, 30026423, 30026433, 30026837, 3111028100, 311102D531, 3111033610, 3111038250, 3111122050, 3111128150, 3111128300, 3111137150, 3111137200, 3111137300, 3111138050, 311113H000, 3112325000, 42021A0001, 42021AA330, 42021AC012, 42021AC013, 42021AC170, 42021AC200, 42021AE02A, 42021AE02B, 42021FA150, 42021FA200, 42021FA250, 42021FC021, 42022FE011, 5862022350, 5862059710, 5862069580, 630713350, 74202136, 742021390, 8943845280, 8943845281, 8944794181, 8944794182, 8970418761, 8971185120, 8971188580, 91171624, 91174465, 91177339, 94384528, A70421W210, A704231U08, A7042VE400, AW332718, AW334174, AW337327, B3E713350, B3E713350A, B3E71335ZB, B61P13350B, B61P13ZE0, B6BF13350, B6BF13350MV, B6BF1335Z, B6BG1335Z, B6DA13350, BPE813350, F4ZZ9A407F, JE451335ZB, JE471335ZA, JE481335ZC, KL1113350G, KL1213350G, KL2213350, KL4713350, KL471335ZB, KLK11335Z, LFG113350, M8658436, M8678038, M8927016, MB698623, MB698857, MB831262, MB831263, MB831264, MB831333, MB831560, MB831561, MB831562, MB831691, MB893666, MB912304, MB923663, MB959729, MB959730, MB959847, MR124765, MR124881, MR124999, MR134284, MR134804, MR134806, MR134868, MR204500, MR208665, MR241083, MR241351, MR241394, MR325884, MR376042, MR431087, MR508115, MR908180, ZL0113350, ZL0113350A, ZL011335Z, ZL011335ZA} Electric Pump More Info
Failure to install a new fuel strainer (where applicable) will void warranty; In-Tank Pump
BOSCH 69496 Electric Pump More Info
AIRTEX E8229 Electric Pump More Info   One of our most popular parts
Strainer required to validate the warranty
DENSO 9510007 Electric More Info   One of our most popular parts
CARTER P88009 Electric Pump More Info
CARTER P72236 {#B3E71335ZB, KL2213350, MB831560, MB893666, MR134804, MR134868, MR164804} Includes Wiring Harness More Info
DELPHI FE0150 {#0K01A13350B, 0K01D1335Z, 1510050G00, 1510050G10, 1510058B00, 1510058B01, 1510058B10, 1510060G00, 1510060G20, 1510061AA0, 1510061AA1, 1510065D22, 1510065D32, 1510077E00, 1511050G00, 1511050GT0, 16141180318, 16147161387, 170403B000, 170403B010, 170403B015, 170403B800, 170403B805, 170403S500, 170403S505, 170403S510, 1704059G00, 1704059G05, 170405S105, 170408B000, 170408B005, 17040S04L00, 17040S04L01, 17040S3801, 17040S5A930, 17040S84A01, 17040SS8A00, 17040SX0A31, 17040SX0A32, 170420W000, 170420W005, 170421W210, 1704231U00, 1704231U05, 1704231U08, 170427J100, 170427J160, 25177380, 25177382, 25177683, 25313269, 30013078, 30014333, 30018726, 30024592, 30024593, 30026422, 30026423, 3111028100, 3111028300, 3111122050, 3111128150, 3111128300, 3111137200, 3111137250, 3111138050, 3112325000, 42021AA020, 42021AA330, 42021AA350, 42021AC001, 42021AC010, 42021AC012, 42021AC013, 42021AC200, 42021FA250, 5862022350, 8943845280, 8943845281, 8944794181, 8944794182, 8970418762, 8970693371, 91171624, 91177339, 94384528, 94479418, AW332718, AW334174, AW337327, B61P13350B, B61P13ZE0, B6BF13350, BPE81335Z, FE0170, FE0183, FE0185, FE0197, FE0248, FE0250, FE0283, JE451335ZB, JE471335ZA, JE481335Z, KL1113350G, KL471335ZB, KLK11335Z, MB678806, MB698623, MB698857, MB831262, MB831263, MB831264, MB831333, MB831562, MB831691, MB959730, MR124881, MR124999, MR208665, MR908180, ZL0113350, ZL011335Z} Electric More Info
DENSO 9500126 Pump & Strainer Set More Info
BECK/ARNLEY 1520902 {#8511301, B3E713350A, B3E71335ZB, B6BF13350, BGBG1335Z, KL2213350} Electric Pump More Info
OE Type Contains Filter
Standard Replacement Complete Pump Assembly
BOSCH 67963 Hanger Assembly More Info
From 08/1994 [Wholesaler Closeout - Private Label Pkg. - 30 Day Warranty] (Only 2 Remaining)