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2010 Ford Escape Ignition Coil

Parts Store Part Brand Price
RockAuto Delphi $57.79
AutoZone Duralast $79.99
NAPA Delphi $107.38
Advance Delphi $109.58
O’Reilly BWD $119.99
(Regular Prices as of 9/25/2015)
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DELPHI Auto Brake/Wheel Hub PartsABS Pressure Regulator ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Brake Pad Brake Pad Wear Sensor Brake Shoe Brake Shoe Hold Down (Combination) Kit Disc Brake Hardware Kit Drum Hydraulic Hose Master Cylinder Parking Brake Hardware Kit Parking Brake Pad Parking Brake Shoe Power Brake Booster Sensor Rotor Vacuum Pump Wheel Cylinder
DELPHI Auto Cooling System PartsRadiator Temperature Sender / Sensor
DELPHI Auto Drivetrain PartsCarrier Bushing
DELPHI Auto Electrical PartsEngine Control Module (ECM Computer) Speed Sensor
DELPHI Auto Electrical-Connector PartsDiesel Glow Plug Connector Fuel Pump Connector
DELPHI Auto Electrical-Switch & Relay PartsAir Intake Heater Relay Air Pressure Switch Diesel Glow Plug Relay Oil Pressure Sender / Switch
DELPHI Auto Emission PartsAir Intake / Charge Temperature Sensor EGR Pressure Feedback (DPFE) Sensor EGR Valve Knock (Detonation) Sensor Mass Air Flow Sensor Oxygen (O2) Sensor Vapor Canister Purge Valve
DELPHI Auto Engine PartsCamshaft Adjuster Magnet High Pressure Diesel Injection Oil Pump Intake Manifold Motor Mount Oil Pump Drive Gear Valve Cover Gasket Variable Timing Solenoid
DELPHI Auto Fuel/Air PartsAir Intake Heater Diesel Fuel Injector Pump EFI Tune-Up Kit Fuel Filter Fuel Injection Auxiliary Air Supply Fuel Injection Pressure Regulator Fuel Injection Pressure Regulator Seal Fuel Injector Fuel Injector Installation Kit Fuel Injector O-Ring Fuel Lift Pump Fuel Pressure Sensor Fuel Pump Fuel Pump Mounting Kit Fuel Pump Reservoir Fuel Pump Strainer Fuel Pump Swirl Pot Fuel Pump Valve Fuel Tank Cap Fuel Tank Lock Ring Fuel Tank Sending Unit Fuel Temperature Sensor Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve Manifold Pressure (MAP) Sensor Throttle Body Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Warm Up Regulator Water in Fuel Sensor
DELPHI Auto Heat & Air Conditioning PartsA/C Compressor A/C Compressor Clutch A/C Compressor Control Valve A/C Condenser A/C Evaporator Core A/C Expansion Valve A/C Receiver Drier / Accumulator A/C Receiver Drier Desiccant Element Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Cabin Air Filter
DELPHI Auto Ignition PartsCamshaft Position Sensor Crankshaft Position Sensor Diesel Glow Plug Diesel Glow Plug Controller Distributor Distributor Cap Distributor Pickup Coil Distributor Rotor Ignition Coil Ignition Coil Housing Ignition Coil Mounting Gasket Ignition Control Module (ICM) Spark Plug (Coil-On-Plug) Boot Spark Plug Wire
DELPHI Auto Steering PartsCenter Link Center Link Repair Kit King Pin Set Knuckle Pitman Arm Rack and Pinion Bellow Steering Column Tie Rod Assembly (inner & outer) Tie Rod Bushing Tie Rod End Tie Rod Eyebolt
DELPHI Auto Suspension PartsBall Joint Ball Joint Repair Kit Control Arm Control Arm Anchor Bolt Control Arm Bushing Control Arm Bushing Sleeve Control Arm Shaft Kit Leaf Helper Spring Mount Kit Shock Absorber Stabilizer Bar Bushing Stabilizer Bar Link Strut Subframe Mount Suspension Ride Height Sensor Trailing Arm
DELPHI Auto Transmission-Automatic PartsControl Solenoid Pressure Control (EPC) Solenoid
DELPHI Auto Transmission-Manual PartsClutch Master Cylinder Clutch Slave Cylinder