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2007 Ford F-150 Control Arm

Parts Store Part Brand Price
RockAuto Moog $156.99
AutoZone Duralast $189.99
NAPA NAPA $269.10
Advance Moog $298.99
O’Reilly Moog $303.99
(Regular Prices as of 4/4/2014)
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Part #Alternate Part #Description
GABRIEL 39155 HiJacker
GABRIEL 39188 HiJacker
GABRIEL 39229 HiJacker
GABRIEL 39523 HiJacker
GABRIEL 42338  
GABRIEL 42495  
GABRIEL 48339 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 48583 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 49188 HiJacker
GABRIEL 49193 Hi Jackers Sold In Pairs
GABRIEL 49216 Hi Jackers Sold In Pairs
GABRIEL 49370 Hi Jackers Sold In Pairs
GABRIEL 49614 Hi Jackers Sold In Pairs
GABRIEL 50604 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50605 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50607 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50609 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50610 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50617 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50618 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50622 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50625 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50626 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50636 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50644 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50651 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50656 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50657 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50658 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50675 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50680 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50683 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50695 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50703 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50704 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50720 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50721 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50734 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 50768 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 61122 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61503 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61505 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61530 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61532 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61539 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61540 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61545 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61553 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61554 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61555 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61558 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61562 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61569 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61573 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61576 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61577 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61582 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61584 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61585 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61586 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61588 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61589 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61596 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61602 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61609 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61612 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61632 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61638 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61642 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61653 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 61657 Pro Guard
GABRIEL 64622  
GABRIEL 69473 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69689 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69709 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69715 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69733 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69756 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69795 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69808 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69811 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69820 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69862 Ultra
GABRIEL 69880 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69881 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 69882 Ultra
GABRIEL 69887 Ultra
GABRIEL 69908 Ultra
GABRIEL 69996 Ultra Shock
GABRIEL 70033 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 70036 Van & Truck Shock
GABRIEL 70041 Van & Truck Shock
GABRIEL 70113 Van & Truck Shock
GABRIEL 70133 Van & Truck Shock
GABRIEL 70140 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 70141 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 70142 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 70144 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 71500  
GABRIEL 71503  
GABRIEL 71510  
GABRIEL 71511  
GABRIEL 71516  
GABRIEL 71517  
GABRIEL 71522  
GABRIEL 71528  
GABRIEL 71531  
GABRIEL 71534  
GABRIEL 71540  
GABRIEL 71541  
GABRIEL 71555  
GABRIEL 71557  
GABRIEL 71569  
GABRIEL 71573  
GABRIEL 71575  
GABRIEL 71584  
GABRIEL 71590  
GABRIEL 71598  
GABRIEL 71600 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 71602  
GABRIEL 71607  
GABRIEL 71609  
GABRIEL 71641 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 71642 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 71643 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 71681 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL 71688 ProGuard
GABRIEL 71692 ProGuard
GABRIEL 71711  
GABRIEL 71720  
GABRIEL 72301  
GABRIEL 72302  
GABRIEL 72303  
GABRIEL 72304  
GABRIEL 72305  
GABRIEL 72306  
GABRIEL 72307  
GABRIEL 72308  
GABRIEL 72309  
GABRIEL 72310  
GABRIEL 72311  
GABRIEL 72312  
GABRIEL 72313  
GABRIEL 72314  
GABRIEL 72315  
GABRIEL 72316  
GABRIEL 72317  
GABRIEL 72318  
GABRIEL 72319  
GABRIEL 72320  
GABRIEL 72322  
GABRIEL 72324  
GABRIEL 72326  
GABRIEL 72327  
GABRIEL 72328  
GABRIEL 72329  
GABRIEL 72330  
GABRIEL 72331  
GABRIEL 72332  
GABRIEL 72334  
GABRIEL 72335  
GABRIEL 72336  
GABRIEL 72337  
GABRIEL 72339  
GABRIEL 72340  
GABRIEL 72342  
GABRIEL 72343  
GABRIEL 72344  
GABRIEL 72345  
GABRIEL 72346  
GABRIEL 72347  
GABRIEL 72348  
GABRIEL 72349  
GABRIEL 72350  
GABRIEL 73388 Guardian
GABRIEL 73544 Guardian
GABRIEL 73545 Guardian
GABRIEL 73637 Guardian
GABRIEL 73702 Guardian
GABRIEL 73969 Guardian
GABRIEL 77183 Max Control
GABRIEL 77349 Max Control
GABRIEL 77409 Max Control
GABRIEL 77424 Max Control
GABRIEL 77607 Max Control
GABRIEL 77623 Max Control
GABRIEL 77660 Max Control
GABRIEL 77674 Max Control
GABRIEL 77679 Max Control
GABRIEL 77807 Max Control
GABRIEL 77808 Max Control
GABRIEL 77904 Max Control
GABRIEL 801755  
GABRIEL 80347  
GABRIEL 80386  
GABRIEL 80387  
GABRIEL 80406  
GABRIEL 80409  
GABRIEL 80416  
GABRIEL 80455  
GABRIEL 80525  
GABRIEL 80604  
GABRIEL 80608  
GABRIEL 81091 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81095 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81108 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81113 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81164 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81411 Guardian
GABRIEL 81459 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81460 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81461 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81478 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81498 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81501 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81508 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81530 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81540 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81552 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81554 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81555 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81558 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81583 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81671 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81676 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81693 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81694 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81703 Guardian
GABRIEL 81714 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81724 Guardian
GABRIEL 81727 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81739 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81741 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81742 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81753 Guardian
GABRIEL 81791 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81793 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81832 Guardian
GABRIEL 81881 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81902 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 81908 Guardian Shock
GABRIEL 82010 Classic s
GABRIEL 82013 Classic s
GABRIEL 82032 Classic s
GABRIEL 82033 Classic s
GABRIEL 82047 Classic s
GABRIEL 82118 Classic s
GABRIEL 82602 Classic s
GABRIEL 82618 Classic s
GABRIEL 89007 Guardian
GABRIEL 89008 Guardian
GABRIEL 89010 Guardian
GABRIEL 89012 Guardian
GABRIEL 89015 Guardian
GABRIEL 89023 Guardian
GABRIEL 89026 Guardian
GABRIEL 89031 Guardian
GABRIEL 89033 Guardian
GABRIEL 89050 Guardian
GABRIEL 89051 Guardian
GABRIEL 89062 Guardian
GABRIEL 89063 Guardian
GABRIEL 89076 Guardian
GABRIEL 89077 Guardian
GABRIEL 89078 Guardian
GABRIEL 89079 Guardian
GABRIEL 89099 Guardian
GABRIEL 89114 Guardian
GABRIEL 89120 Guardian
GABRIEL 89144 Guardian
GABRIEL 89156 Guardian
GABRIEL 89201 Guardian
GABRIEL 89204 Guardian
GABRIEL 89209 Guardian
GABRIEL 89210 Guardian
GABRIEL 89212 Guardian
GABRIEL 89215 Guardian
GABRIEL 89216 Guardian
GABRIEL 89218 Guardian
GABRIEL 89219 Guardian
GABRIEL 89221 Guardian
GABRIEL 89249 Guardian
GABRIEL 89251 Guardian
GABRIEL 89302 Guardian
GABRIEL 89319 Guardian
GABRIEL 89322 Guardian
GABRIEL 89329 Guardian
GABRIEL 89332 Guardian
GABRIEL 89335 Guardian
GABRIEL 89553 Heavy Duty
GABRIEL 89633 Ultra
GABRIEL 89663 Ultra
GABRIEL 89743 Ultra
GABRIEL G14040  
GABRIEL G37170  
GABRIEL G44450 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44451 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44713 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44735 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44747 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44766 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44767 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44776 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44783 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44862 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44900  
GABRIEL G44918 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44936 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44944 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G44986 Ultra Cartridge
GABRIEL G46481  
GABRIEL G51005  
GABRIEL G53253 Ultra
GABRIEL G55513  
GABRIEL G60006 Ultra
GABRIEL G60007 Ultra
GABRIEL G60008 Ultra
GABRIEL G60010 Ultra
GABRIEL G60015 Ultra
GABRIEL G60017 Ultra
GABRIEL G60021 Ultra
GABRIEL G60024 Ultra
GABRIEL G60026 Ultra
GABRIEL G60028 Ultra
GABRIEL G60029 Ultra
GABRIEL G60035 Ultra
GABRIEL G60039 Ultra
GABRIEL G60041 Ultra
GABRIEL G60043 Ultra
GABRIEL G60044 Ultra
GABRIEL G60046 Ultra
GABRIEL G60048 Ultra
GABRIEL G60050 Ultra
GABRIEL G60063 Ultra
GABRIEL G60065 Ultra
GABRIEL G60073 Ultra
GABRIEL G60076 Ultra
GABRIEL G60078 Ultra
GABRIEL G60079 Ultra
GABRIEL G60080 Ultra
GABRIEL G60081 Ultra
GABRIEL G60084 Ultra
GABRIEL G60087 Ultra
GABRIEL G60107 Ultra
GABRIEL G60110 Ultra
GABRIEL G60111 Ultra
GABRIEL G60120 Ultra
GABRIEL G60128 Ultra
GABRIEL G60136 Ultra
GABRIEL G60140 Ultra
GABRIEL G60144 Ultra
GABRIEL G60170 Ultra
GABRIEL G60181 Ultra
GABRIEL G60182 Ultra
GABRIEL G60183 Ultra
GABRIEL G60184 Ultra
GABRIEL G60185 Ultra
GABRIEL G60205 Ultra
GABRIEL G60214 Ultra
GABRIEL G60217 Ultra
GABRIEL G60218 Ultra
GABRIEL G60233 Ultra
GABRIEL G60235 Ultra
GABRIEL G60258 Ultra
GABRIEL G60263 Ultra
GABRIEL G60302 Ultra
GABRIEL G60304 Ultra
GABRIEL G60307 Ultra
GABRIEL G60309 Ultra
GABRIEL G60310 Ultra
GABRIEL G60312 Ultra
GABRIEL G60329 Ultra
GABRIEL G60330 Ultra
GABRIEL G60334 Ultra
GABRIEL G60338 Ultra
GABRIEL G60703 Ultra
GABRIEL G61116 Ultra
GABRIEL G61118 Ultra
GABRIEL G61124 Ultra
GABRIEL G61149 Ultra
GABRIEL G61150 Ultra
GABRIEL G61151 Ultra
GABRIEL G61152 Ultra
GABRIEL G61153 Ultra
GABRIEL G61158 Ultra
GABRIEL G61159 Ultra
GABRIEL G61170 Ultra
GABRIEL G61182 Ultra
GABRIEL G61873 Ultra
GABRIEL G61886 Ultra
GABRIEL G61888 Ultra
GABRIEL G61894 Ultra
GABRIEL G61897 Ultra
GABRIEL G62009 Bruiser Gas Xd
GABRIEL G63173 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63183 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63347 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63371 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63398 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63399 Ultra
GABRIEL G63409 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63416 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63420 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63427 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63456 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63457 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63458 Ultra
GABRIEL G63460 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63489 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63491 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63497 Ultra
GABRIEL G63502 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63503 Ultra
GABRIEL G63504 Ultra
GABRIEL G63518 Ultra
GABRIEL G63605 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63606 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63608 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63617 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63621 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63660 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63692 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63848 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63866 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63870 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63900 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63901 Ultra
GABRIEL G63906 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63908 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63929 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63937 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63950 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G63959 Ultra Truck Shock
GABRIEL G65515 Ultra
GABRIEL G65860 Ultra
GABRIEL G67562 Ultra
GABRIEL G67612 Ultra
GABRIEL G67717 Ultra
GABRIEL G67718 Ultra
GABRIEL G67961 Ultra
GABRIEL G68022 Ultra
GABRIEL G68702 Ultra