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2010 Ford Fusion Oxygen Sensor

Parts Store Part Brand Price
RockAuto Denso $24.79
NAPA Denso $40.50
AutoZone Denso $46.99
Advance Denso $47.99
O’Reilly Denso $47.99
(Regular Prices as of 3/6/2015)
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Part #Alternate Part #Description
MOOG K100009 Cam Bolt; Includes 1 Cam Bolt, Nut and 2 Washers
MOOG K100010#7L3Z3B236ACam Bolt
MOOG K100015#11588845 
MOOG K100023#DM8123456 
MOOG K100024  
MOOG K100025#DM3112345 
MOOG K100026#AE123451Cam Bolt Kit Includes (2) 14mm cambolts, (4) washers and (2) lock nuts
MOOG K100047 Problem Solver Sold individually
MOOG K100048  
MOOG K100055  
MOOG K100070  
MOOG K100085  
MOOG K100086  
MOOG K100094#6W1Z3C177B 
MOOG K100109  
MOOG K100127 Problem Solver
MOOG K100128 Problem Solver Contains 1 Bolt, 2 Adjustment Washers, 1 sleeve and 1 Nut
MOOG K100129 Problem Solver
MOOG K100130 Problem Solver
MOOG K100131 Problem Solver
MOOG K100132 Problem Solver
MOOG K100137  
MOOG K100139  
MOOG K100142  
MOOG K100154 Problem Solver
MOOG K100155  
MOOG K100156  
MOOG K5266#14041649Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K5330#10247637,10294405,22587480,22600725,4762135Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K6302#15538596,15603714,15637049,15654867Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K6302HD Problem Solver
MOOG K6367 Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K6375 Cam Bolt
MOOG K6699 Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K6716 Problem Solver Alignment Camber
MOOG K7030#2071204,2084920Cam Bolt
MOOG K7036#2269124,2448099,2808445,3621931,3900220,390220,398101,402116,413578,458979,C6OZ3048A,D5DZ3048A,D5DZ3048BCam Bolt
MOOG K7120#4267335Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K7151#6500614,K7181Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K7256#6503307Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K7261 Camber Adjusting Kit use K7332
MOOG K7330 Control Arm Anchor Bolt
MOOG K7398 Alignment Caster/Camber
MOOG K7436 Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K80002 Problem Solver Camber Shim
MOOG K80061 Caster Camber Cam Bolt
MOOG K80064 Cam Bolt
MOOG K80065 Problem Solver Caster Camber Cam Bolt
MOOG K80069 Alignment Caster/Camber
MOOG K80087 Caster Camber Cam Bolt
MOOG K80110 Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K80111 Problem Solver Caster Camber Bushing
MOOG K80112 Alignment Camber
MOOG K80276 Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K8243A#2448099,2808445,3790331,3820253,458979,C6OZ3048A,D5DZ3048A,D5DZ3048BCam Bolt
MOOG K8460 Cam Bolt
MOOG K8521  
MOOG K8674#F5TZ3C203ACaster Camber Cam
MOOG K8740#F65Z3B236BB,F8AZ3050AACam Bolt
MOOG K90143 Control Arm Anchor Bolt
MOOG K90208 Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K90350 Cam Bolt
MOOG K90473#K90350Cam Bolt
MOOG K90474 Cam Bolt
MOOG K90475 Cam Bolt
MOOG K90476 Cam Bolt
MOOG K90477 Cam Bolt
MOOG K928#10264177,14087888,14089586,22555693Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K929 Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K9757 Problem Solver Cam Bolt
MOOG K992 Problem Solver
MOOG OPAX0611#0322576,0322577,322576,322577,4242731,90289915,90373523Diameter 1 [mm]: 14; Thread Measurement 1: M16X2; Thread Measurement 2: M16X2; Thread Type: With left-hand thread; Length [mm]: 105
MOOG OPAX0659#0322575,07846696,322575,90105358Diameter 1 [mm]: 14; Thread Measurement 1: M16X1.5; Thread Measurement 2: M16X1.5; Thread Type: With left-hand thread; Length [mm]: 95
MOOG T40209 Alignment Camber Kit