National Drivetrain : Differential Pinion Flange Auto Parts
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Tools & Universal Parts

Part #Alternate Part #Description
National 224470 Nitrile Shaft Size=1.732 Housing Bore=2.835 Outer Diameter=2.839 Width=0.394
National 450803  
National 470109N  
National 473443#470286 
National 5589 Polyacrylate, Shaft Size=2.129", Outer Diameter=2.766", Width=0.25"
National 710242 Acrylates Shaft Size=2.047 Housing Bore=2.835 Outer Diameter=2.846 Width=0.315
National 710268  
National 710269 Acrylates Shaft Size=1.575 Housing Bore=2.559 Width=0.472
National 712020 Acrylates Shaft Size=1.575 Housing Bore=2.953 Outer Diameter=2.963 Width=0.709
National 1012  
National 223845  
National 3700  
National 223620