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TYC 2173 Specifications
Bottom Header3.18" x 23.91
Core Height (IN)23.31
Core Length (IN)20.79
Core MaterialAluminum
Core Thickness (IN)1.02
Engine Oil Cooler IncludedNo
Fin Count (Every 4")64
Fin Wave Height (IN)0.35
Find Wave Pitch3.2
Flow ConfigurationCrossflow
Inlet Connection TypeHose Clamp
Inlet Diameter (IN)1.50
Number of Rows1
Outlet Connection TypeHose Clamp
Outlet Diameter (IN)1.50
TOC Distance (IN)12.01
Toc Inlet Diameter (IN)5/8-18UNF
Toc Outlet Diameter (IN)5/8-18UNF
Top Header3.18" x 23.91
Total Fin Row Count54
Total Tube Count53
Transmission Oil Cooler IncludedYes
Transmission Oil Cooler TypePLATE
Tube Count (Every 4")10
Tube Width x Height26x2

TYC Radiators feature the latest in technology, materials, and construction and are meticulously designed using the most advanced simulation software and tooling development technology. TYC radiators are comparable to their OE counterparts, down to the material of construction.

Features & Benefits

  • Premium grade aluminum tubes and precision folded aluminum fins bonded through the Nocolok furnace-brazing process (the industry standard for brazing aluminum) to ensure long-lasting performance
  • 100% Leak Tested
  • Consistent fin spacing for the best cooling efficiency and ideal airflow
  • Comparable tubes, fin pitch, and tank size to the OE counterpart to ensure similar coolant flow volume
  • Increased number of plastic ribs which strengthens the tank to withstand excessive pressure
  • Metal mounting tabs for easy installation
Service Tip: If you are experiencing unexplained or reoccurring radiator core leaks, or notice dark spots on your failed radiator core, test your coolant for Electrolysis. If detected, correct the source of the problem before replacing your failed radiator to prevent repeat failure.
TYC's Testing Process

  • Rigorous and accelerated Cycling Tests to ensure product service quality and durability.
  • Vehicle Test Fit - Prototypes are created and mounted onto a vehicle. Any adjustment needed is made prior to market release to ensure drop-in, hassle-free installation.
  • Accelerated Fatigue Test - An array of tests is conducted to assure top-notch quality products. Fatigue tests, such as abrasion, humidity, rain, salt spray, and vibration are applied to meet or exceed DOT/SAE and industry standards.
Cooling System Maintenance | Tips & Tools

Without regular maintenance, cooling system components will degrade and fail prematurely, which can lead to costly engine damage. Protect your engine with simple preventative maintenance:

  • Completely drain and flush the system using Cooling System Flush prior to installation. Flushing the system is critical to prevent system contamination and failure.
  • Consider replacing the Radiator Hoses (and Hose Clamps), Thermostat and Radiator Cap as part of routine preventative maintenance. System contamination can cause these parts to degrade and fail over time, which can lead to severe engine damage from overheating.
  • Refill radiator with fresh Coolant / Antifreeze according to the volume and formula specified in your Owner's Manual. Inspect levels and condition every year.
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 6L5Z8005DA, FO3010151

TYC Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime for non-commercial use
Warranty Details